How long does it take to be a priest?

I write a lot of fiction as a hobby. In the future I plan on writing a thriller story about a priest who’s working to expose the corrupt Bishop. I want to keep him relatively young, so I was wondering how long it takes to become a priest, more specifically, a Franciscan Friar.

Talk to JReduction (Brother JR). He’d be able to get you the information (but I’m pretty sure he’d disagree with the premise. Franciscans take their vow of obedience very seriously I guess).

Nominally, eight years college-level. Preparation for the Catholic priesthood requires the equivalent of four years post-graduate education. Ideally, it includes a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a master’s in theology. Older candidates may have a somewhat shorter track but essential courses and tests must be completed.

That’s my understanding as well. It’s roughly equivalent to the amount of study for a PhD.

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