How long does one remain a Neophyte?

Hi everyone. For how long does one remain a Neophyte? I have been a Catholic for three years as of the Easter of 2008. Am I still considered to be a Neophyte? :shrug::confused:

No, you’re not a neophyte. Three years is a long time. I would say you’re only a neophyte for the year or so after you become a Catholic.

Oh ok. Thanks Dempsey! :slight_smile:

In the Catholic and Orthodox Churches an adult convert is considered a neophyte for one year after conversion. Roman Catholic neophytes are considered full members of the Church, but may not act as sponsors for others planning to join.

until your tail falls off …

                  Oh wait .......thats a newt :)

(you are no longer a neophyte…but certainly aways walk in the newness of Christian life )

Maybe you’re a neophyte for as long as you think of yourself as a neophyte.

I still feel neophyte-ish.

in general for the first year, until the following Easter, and at least during Mystagogy, which if it does not last a year is some formal setting, is at least the 50 days until Pentecost. There may be some things that you will still be asked to wait for–some dioceses put a waiting time on when they newly baptized person may enter a seminary, or some religious orders for instance. The main thing as that the parish continue to support you and bring you more fully into the life of the Church
Welcome Home!


My RCIA director said we will be considered neophytes until Pentecost Sunday.

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