How long have you been Catholic?




Thirty years...why?


Just curious, I was reading another thread and was surprised to see that many posters were recent converts. Made me wonder what they believed in the past and when!


Since last Easter :)


Catholic since birth. I first came across this site when I needed answers for my teenage kids.


52 yrs


Since the cradle though not without periods of weakness. For years it was simply a matter of how I was raised and doing things as a family.

I was in high school when things began to actually make sense and I had more grounded reasons to believe than blind faith alone. I made the decision to be Catholic for the rest of my life in my late teens.


I’ve been a Catholic all of my life. But, I can honestly say, I wasn’t practicing my faith fully, until about 8 years ago. I just wasn’t as savvy on the CCC as a Catholic should be. Coming to CAF a few years ago has strengthened my faith, and I’ve learned things that I was not completely aware of growing up, never taught, however you want to look at it. I am a work in progress…I believe faith is a journey, not a destination. A marathon, not a sprint. :slight_smile:


I was a devout Lutheran and felt that close personal relationship with God. As a college student, I never lost faith, but I did lose interest for awhile. I began the conversion process after I graduated from college (Jan 2005), officially converted Easter 2006. Started to “feel” Catholic later on, and am only recently beginning to get back that “personal relationship” feeling that I had while in the Lutheran church.

I do feel that the Catholic church gives me more guidance (and thus, a greater sense of direction) in my non-religious life, while the Lutheran church stayed out of my non-religious life. At 16, I would have disliked this aspect of the Catholic church, but at 26 I am capable of admitting I need my faith to ground me and give me a sense of direction and purpose.


I was a non denominational Christian before converting. I learned my faith from bible camps and friends as my parents are non card carrying Lutherans. I was called to the Catholic church when I was in my late teens and converted while in university at age 19 so it has been just over 10 years for me.


It's been about 8 1/2 years for me, though I've been more serious about my faith lately.


Cradle Catholic here, but admittedly did have a lukewarm period in my late teens that lasted about 2 years. I still went to mass etc. but it was more out of habit than anything. Having my first child at 21 made me wake up and get back to living the faith though…funny how having kids can do that:p


I entered the Church at Easter Vigil this past April.


There's no option for me in that poll (those who have converted between 5 and 10 years ago). I converted from Lutheranism 9 1/2 years ago.


Cradle Catholic - strayed for a bit when I was a teen.


I became Catholic when I was 16. (I was raised without faith). I can now finally say that I've been Catholic for more than half my life! (17 years). That makes me very happy.


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52 yrs


Ya got me beat by a year or so, me I've been a Catholic for 51 years and almost 9 months :D.

I have been blessed to have never strayed and to have always had a desire to know more and more. The internet has helped me satisfy this craving.

Brenda V.


Since birth, although I went AWOL during my late college years. I never went to another faith just AWOL from mass and everything


Born Again Evangelical who loved Jesus ------> Studied Scripture -------> Church History ---------------> Prayed ALOT -----------------> Became CATHOLIC :dancing:

That was 5 years ago. I'm still dancing.


I strayed in my early twenties…

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