How long into dating did you introduce him/her to your parents?


Please indicate whether you are male/female and whether you and his/her family live in the same town. Thank you!


We started dating in May of 1995...I think my parents met him in early June. I met his parents in mid June.

Our parents all met right before our engagemnt in July of 1996.

And we were married in October of 1997.


We knew each other as friends at church before we officially started “dating”… and during those “friendship” years we met each others’ parents at Mass at various times (we all live in the same town)…
Eventually when we started “dating” he invited me over for dinner with his (widowed) mom - maybe 2 months into “dating”… and around that same time (2-3 months) we also had a similar dinner with my parents. We continued spending more and more time with extended family as our dating year went on… then we were engaged for another year… and by then we were all very close…


my parents insisted, as we did for our daughers, that we meet all of their friends before our children spent time with them that invovled being at the friends' homes, in the car, out in social situations etc. No boy made it to the first date unless and until we met and approved the friendship. Only one DD has children old enough to date, so fat they are holding to the same rules.


I'm an engaged female in my early/mid 20s. I met my fiance in college, and as coincidence had it, I ended up meeting his dad within the first month of our dating relationship. Officially, we met each other's parents after about 3 months of dating. We've been together 3 years, 8 months, and we're getting married in May of 2011.


I’m female and my now darling husband met my entire family on our third date, which happened to be a Christmas get together. After speaking to each other for about an hour my brother looked at me while DH’s back was turned and whispered “Marry him tomorrow!”


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Please indicate whether you are male/female and whether you and his/her family live in the same town. Thank you!


I'm female and when I dated in high school and even some college, my parents either had to meet the boy before I even went out with him or very, very shortly after. In my twenties, they sometimes never met the guys I went out with at all. They met my now husband pretty soon after we began dating because I knew he was the one and I also knew he and my dad were going to get along like long lost BFFs. We did not come from the same town.


Thank you for the replies. I'm introducing my girlfriend to my parents next weekend. We will have been seeing each other for 10 weeks. I was just wondering if it would be too soon, but based on the replies so far, it seems about right. Thank you.


If the relationship is a serious one, it's fine to introduce each other to your parents whenenver you feel comfortable. I can't remember when I introduced my husband to my parents, but I think it around the 4th date. I was living with my parents at the time because I was still in college, though, so it was bound to happen sooner rather than later. After about 6 weeks of dating we made plans to fly 4 state north to see his parents, so I ended up meeting them 3 months after we started dating. If they had lived closer I probably would have met them sooner.


He met my parents before we started dating - we were friends. He came for tea around a month into our relationship. He lived 50 miles away from me and we met pretty much by chance.


I am female. I started dating DH in Sept 1995. I was in college, working at a grocery store. DH is ten years older and was working nights there at the time. I met his family at his uncle’s funeral in Feb 1996. We were engaged that Easter. The next weekend we went to visit my mother 9.5hrs away. She wasn’t impressed and told me to “stay single and raise animals”. She was an alcoholic and had been married 3x’s and divorced twice, so any advice given was taken with a grain of salt. My mother chose not to attend our wedding. My in-laws met some of my extended family at my wedding. We married in Feb 1997.


My husband meet my parents after we had been dating for about a month. I met his parents about 2 months later, but we live about 5 hours from them by car. They actually drove up for an afternoon just to meet me!

I knew I was going to marry my husband on our 5th date (just over 2 weeks after meeting him) so he met my parents rather quickly. After high school, my parents didn't meet any of the guys I was dating (either during or after college) since there wasn't anyone special enough to introduce them too!


Both of our parents live out of state (in opposite directions). He met my parents a few months after we started seeing each other, but before we had announced to family/friends that we were "a couple." He met them over Easter weekend when they came to visit me and he happened to still be in town before heading to visit his family for Easter.

I think I met his parents a few months after that.

So to answer your question simply:
Started going on dates Feb 2005
He met my parents in Apr 2005
Started considering ourselves a couple May 2005
I met his parents summer of 2005
(We were 22 and 24 at the time. We were engaged by Dec 2005 and married by Oct 2006.)


My family met my husband before we started dating as he was a friend first. :) We did not live anywhere near each other but he came to visit me and some other friends he had in the area and they met him. 2 weeks later we started dating in Dec. 1999.

By contrast, I did not meet his family for 6 months after we started dating (June 2000). I lived in Chicago. He was in the military and stationed in California and his family was from Pittsburgh. On his next trip home, I accompanied him and met them. He proposed 3 months later (Oct 2000). It took us awhile due to military logistics from September 11th but we were married in June 2002.


It would depend on the circumstances. How old you both are, whether one or both of you still live with your parents, etc. When I was younger and living at home, the guys I saw met my parents inevitably, because I lived with them, so there was no official "meet my parents" it was just a fact that they did when they came over. It didn't bother me at all, it was just the way it was.

When my fiance and I started seeing each other, I think he met my parents in about 3 months or so, mainly because I invited him to come visit them with me because I wanted to go someplace in my parents' area. (We met at grad school, away from both our families) I didn't see it as anything serious that he was meeting them. It's not like meeting my parents means we're going to get married. Well, we are now, but you see what I mean.

I met his family around Christmas time that year (2009), we have visited both our families together numerous times since, got engaged August this year, getting married July 2011.

So there's no right or wrong answer to when you should meet each others' parents.


*I'm a woman, and because I was in the Navy and living far from home when I met my husband, I introduced him to my parents after we had already become engaged. My husband is in the Air Force and lived far from home too. We had special circumstances :) I did meet one of his brothers (and his family) very soon after we began dating, because DH and his brother were stationed together. If we had lived closer to either of our families, we would have introduced our families MUCH sooner. *


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