How long must I wait to receive the Eucharist again?


I rarely go to confession and lately I have missed the last couple weeks of mass, (even though my church is right next to my dorm) and I havent been praying often. On top of this I commit mortal sins and recieve the Eucharist. Just lately I have learned of the importance of repenting before recieving the Eucharist. I did not really know I was really eating and drinking judgement on myself. I am truely sorry for this and I want to make things right with God. I know I need to talk to my pastor but, if I repent can I recieve Communion next mass? Or is there a certain amount of progress I need to make to prove myself before taking the Eucharist again?

Thank you.



All you need to do is go to Confession regularly and keep out of mortal sin. If you have no mortal sins on your soul, then by all means, receive Holy Communion. The grace from Eucharist can fortify you against temptation. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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