How long should you wait to go to confession after committing a mortal sin?


How long should you wait to go to confession after committing a mortal sin?


No longer than is possible. You should go to confession ASAP if you have committed mortal sin.


You should honestly go as soon as you physically are able to do so even if it means going to another church than your normal Catholic Church during the day. Most churches around here have weekday Masses all times during the day.


would it be ok to knock on a convent door and ask a retired priest to confess to?


I’d call first. Convents have prayer schedules that they are supposed to stick to.


ah ok, thank you. can i knock on a priests door?


What @CajunJoy65 said.

Also, I may be nit-picking, but if he’s retired, the priest may or may not have the facilities (permission) to hear confessions by the bishop, so he may not be able to. Are there no churches in your area you can call to schedule a confession?


At our niece’s Monastery we are pretty much required to call ahead and set up times with them before visiting. So I would guess the same would be for their Priests to hear confessions.


You only really need to wait until you are ready to repent and you have seen the error of your ways.


yes there are, just the priest is quite busy


You should definitely get to Confession as soon as possible. However, I do agree with @Augustinian that you should first be repentant. If you are not ready to be repentant and are not sorry for your sins, don’t go to Confession because then you’d be lying in Confession or in saying the Act of Contrition, if I am not mistaken. If you are ready to be repentant, I don’t think you need to cause a scene to get to Confession (don’t go frantically banging down the priest’s door at 3am), but I would go immediately as possible to a parish that is offering Confession, who has a priest available/in office, or catch your priest before or after the soonest daily Mass (preferably before so you can receive Communion). Hope this helps! God bless!


thank you, ill catch the priest say 20 mins before daily mass tomorrow :slight_smile:


ASAP. Why would you wait?


It sounds like a good idea


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