How long until Kanye becomes Catholic

  • With 1 year
  • Within 2 years
  • Within 5 Years
  • More than 5 Years
  • Never

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…this is random :joy:


I pray for the conversion of all people.


Thanks, aspiringthomist. Very cool!


Their oldest daughter was baptized in the Orthodox church. Kanye’s wife’s father was Armenian. They were Orthodox.


Guessing what any of the Kardashian/Jenner family is going to do is tough enough. Guessing when they are going to do it as well, that would be a big task even for the Amazing Kristin.


St Kanye West. I can see it.


Idk maybe when he stops fantasizing about his wife’s sisters


Maybe being a Mormon is more up his alley then.


But along with conversion comes ACTIVELY living the Faith. That is the REAL conversion.


Just to be pedantic, the Kardashians are Armenian Apostolic, so that is Oriental Orthodox, not Eastern Orthodox.

Their children have odd names: North, Saint, and Chicago. I’d be curious to know if anyone knows what the Armenian Apostolic Church makes of these kinds of names. I guess Saint is a Christian choice of name, although a bit of an odd one. But North and Chicago? Aren’t baptismal names supposed to be names of saints or, alternatively, names that reflect some aspect of the life and/or teaching of the Church? I assume it can’t be too different in Oriental Orthodox Churches. I remember reading that the priest who baptised Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s child Kai was worried because he wasn’t sure whether it was an acceptable Catholic baptismal name, but then somebody told him that it means ‘Rejoice!’ in Finnish (I’m not sure whether this is actually accurate, as I looked it up and it seems to be something different) and he thought that rejoicing was a Christian thing so the name was fine. Chicago originally was the indigenous name of a species of onion, so I don’t suppose that’s obviously Christian.


I wasn’t sure if there was an Armenian Orthodox church, but I knew they were not
Roman Catholic. I have no idea what Kanye is.


You’ve never heard of Saint North Chicago?


I’m…confused by the question…


There’s even a street named after him; St. N. Chicago St.


I don’t know, but hopefully he will and it will be a genuine conversion.


I will also be very happy when I hear of his conversion. Who knows? I mean the left has been attacking him a bit lately, that is probably an indication that he is doing something right. Nothing is impossible with God!


Only God knows, He alone knows tomorrow and see’s our heart ,know what we are thinking and what our next move is…He gave us the liberty to make our own decision irrespective of the outcome (wrong or right )


Well, he did name his son Saint. Or Sainte. I don’t really keep up, but I do read “People” when I’m at the hairdresser, so I’m not completely in the dark.


Kanye’s children.

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