How Long Was Jesus' Ministry?

How long was Jesus’ ministry? I would like the official position of the Catholic Church if one exists! Thanks.


Might help…

It does yes, but it doesn’t seem to indicate (unless I missed something in review) that states what the Catholic Church officially teaches? Unless the point of the article is to say that there is no specific timeline accepted.

If we conclude the gospels to be historically complete, probably about three years, although, I guess we could argue that it continues to this day as his ministry was continued by the Apostles, and then by the entire Body of Christ under the impetus of the Holy Spirit’s coming at Pentecost.

The ministry starts with the Baptism of the Lord, in the synoptics, as well as in the Fourth Gospel. But John’s account, unlike the snyopics, covers three observances of Passover from the Baptism through the Crucifixion.

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That’s a reasonable conclusion for sure, but is that what the Church officially teaches?

The church doesn’t “officially teach” everything. The length of Christ’s ministry is not a matter of doctrine, and especially is not among the dogmata of the Church.

You’ll have to make your own reasonable conclusion by reading and studying scripture.

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YouTube The Jonah Code - Disk 3

The following quotes taken from The Greatest Story NEVER Told!

The Jonah Code and the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel

"From when Yahshua was baptized in water, into the Spring, the Summer, and all the way around to the Fall, showing you week by week exactly where Yahshua was with no lapse in time at all. Then we find out there is a miracle that takes place in every one of the Gospels, the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. It takes place two weeks and three days before the Feast of Tabernacles (in everyone of the Gospels). However, in some of the ancient Greek texts, 8 Greek words were added in: "and Passover, Feast of the Jews was nigh". And what that did was artificially expand the length of Yeshua's ministry. They added, literally, 6 and a half months of absolutely blank canvas into the Gospel record."

There are many places in our English Bible translations where Yeshua is falsely depicted as being anti-Torah (no doubt He was anti-Takkanot), but it is rare that entire sentences are added into the text like in the case of John 6:4 for such purposes. continues:

"Then we see what they [scribes] did add was a Passover that doesn't exist.

A Passover that Yahshua never goes up to. We see exactly what He is doing for the next two weeks. He never goes any where near Jerusalem, but He does feed five thousand people with leavened bread (which I now affectionately refer to as the Feast of Leavened Bread).

Five days later, He feeds another four thousand people with Leavened Bread. He teaches a whole synagogue full of people who are disobedient to the Torah and they’re hanging out in the Galilee instead of being up at Jerusalem.

For this whole two week period of time, He is doing nothing but violating the Torah, if those words were in the original text."

Rood then describes how this falsified Passover is followed up with five and half months of more blank canvas until we come all the way back around to the Festival of Tabernacles (Sukkot).

"...Yahshua's ministry, if it is a fulfillment of Daniel's Prophecy, is going to be 70 weeks, exactly 490 days from the day He is baptized until the day He baptizes with the Holy Spirit, one of the layers of Daniel."

"The early church fathers, the first and second centuries after the Gospels were written, Clement of Alexandria, being the foremost on this, said that Yahshua's ministry was about one year in duration.

Four other church fathers in the first two centuries afterwards said that His ministry was about a year in duration.

And you know what all the rest of the church fathers said? Absolutely nothing. They didn’t dispute it!"

The other year which is typically used to artificially expand Yeshua’s ministry is determined by reckoning John 5:1 with yet another Passover, when it is actually the Festival of Shavout (Pentecost).

Adding these two extra Passovers into the Ministry equation is the reason modern teachers insist Yeshua ministered for 3 and a half years before His ascension back to the Father.

When you take these two non-Passovers out of the equation, His ministry beautifully shrinks back down to 70 Weeks (490 days).

To go into this in greater detail, teaching: 70 Week Ministry of the Messiah.

Here is the reckoning of the chronological years from the Catholic Encyclopedia:

But, His ministry continues through us in the Priesthood of the Laity:

The Laity Share in the Priesthood of Christ
General Audience — December 15, 1993

We note that the Council does not merely describe the laity as sharing in the “priestly, prophetic and kingly functions of Christ” (LG 31), but specifies that Christ himself continues to exercise his priesthood in their lives. Hence their participation in the common priesthood of the Church occurs through the commission and action of Christ, the one eternal high priest.

Moreover, this priestly action of Christ in the laity takes place through the Holy Spirit. Christ “vivifies them with his Spirit.” This is what Jesus had promised when he stated the principle that the Spirit gives life (cf. Jn 6:63). He who was sent on Pentecost to form the Church has the perennial task of developing Christ’s priesthood and priestly activity in the Church, including the laity, who are fully-fledged members of the corpus Christi by virtue of Baptism. With Baptism, Christ’s presence and priestly activity is initiated in every member of his body, in whom the Holy Spirit instills grace and on whom he impresses the character. This enables the believer to have a vital share in the worship given by Christ to the Father in the Church. In Confirmation he confers the ability to be committed adults in the faith, actively involved in the Church’s mission of giving witness to and spreading the Gospel [1] .

Eusebius states that Josephus states that there were four high priests in succession from Annas to Caiaphas. (Church History Book 1 Chapter 10).

Accordingly the whole time of our Saviour’s ministry is shown to have been not quite four full years, four high priests … having held office a year each.

Good information and I appreciate it. Very interesting. However, it still doesn’t really answer the question. I would like to know the official Church position on this, if there is one at all. Thanks!

Appears the question is answered, The public ministry of Jesus Christ is the official teaching-Deposit of Faith, why does it need to defined to the minute-moment when an approximation appears to suffice?

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