"How long" was Peter in Rome?

A footnote at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (in Eusebius, Bk II, Ch 15) says:

*Upon the historic truth of Peter’s visit to Rome…Although we may accept it as certain that he did visit Rome, and that he met his death there, it is no less certain that he did not reach there until late in the reign of Nero. The tradition that he was for twenty-five years bishop of Rome is first recorded by Jerome (de vir. ill. c. 1), and since his time has been almost universally accepted in the Roman Catholic Church, though in recent years many more candid scholars of that communion **acknowledge that so long an episcopate there is a fiction. ***
Out of curiosity, how long was he there?

Peter is still there. He’s buried in Rome.

In case I was not clear, how many years did Peter spend in Rome as a physically living entity.

I don’t believe that that information is perfectly known. One of the Emperors evicted every Jew from Rome so that would be one gap.

that would be like saying we evicted every mexican from america, sure jews may have been sent back but to say “every jew” would not be likely. based on common sense it would be likely that Peter kept low while in Rome. thats why we see him using the code word babylon for rome. it would not make too much sense for Peter to use his name and location, because if roman authorities got ahold of it they would come and arrest him or most likely kill him, which eventually did happen in rome.

i dont know how many years Peter was in Rome but with a little research i suppose we could get a good estimate. when is the first mention of him in Rome, was it before or after the council in Jerusalem?

Ancient tradition assigns the year 42 to Peter’s first coming to Rome. it was in the year of 50 AD that claudius drove out the Hebrews because the name of Christ had become such an occasion. the dates assigned to his death are between 64 and 67
Pual writes the letter to the Romans indicating there was a Church there. and Peter writes from Rome.

the longest possible time should be about 25 to 14 years.
and if James was assigned to Jerusalem as its Bishop it seems Peter would spend more time in Rome. i would assume Peter was in Rome about 20 years

According to Saint Jerome, Peter went to Rome in the second year of Claudius, and he reigned as bishop there for 25 years.

“Simon Peter…pushed on to Rome in the second year of Claudius to overthrow Simon Magus, and held the sacerdotal chair there for twenty-five years until the last, that is the fourteenth, year of Nero.”
Jerome, Lives of Illustrious Men, chapter 1.

Peter fled for Rome about the time of the Passover (Acts 12:3).

The length of Peter’s bishopric at Rome is given in several different sources as 25 years, 1 month, and 8 or 9 days.
[Finegan, Handbook of Biblical Chronology, revised edition, no. 663-667, p. 384-386. Finegan quotes the Liberian Catalog (Catalogus Liberianus) and the Book of the Popes (Liber pontificalis), as well as Saint Jerome, Lives of Illustrious Men, chapter 1.]

That was Claudius, Nero’s predecessor. The Jews were probably not ejected very far, nor for very long. We certainly know that Nero found a lot of Chrisitians after the Fire of Rome, when he used them as scapegoats.

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