How long will it take to become a priest if already have a bachelors degree?

Hi I am only asking this out of curiosity but if I already had a bachelors of arts in education, would I have to obtain a bachelors in philosophy to start the seminary process? Or would I be able to cotinue onto major seminary and obtain a masters in theology/divinity and become a priest. Does the Church have a special course of action for individuals who already have bachelors degrees and are interested in the priesthood?

Yes, you will spend two years studying philosophy, and probably Latin and one other languate, and some kind of religion class ( maybe the Catechism ), and maybe a phychology course. Then it is Theology in the last four years. That would be the usual course for Dioscesan priests, Order priests my have something different. In any case, it is good to give the Chruch at least 6 years to evaluate you.


Some orders use a similar timeline, for those on a non-Diocesan path.

With one I’m familiar with-- for someone who has no Bachelor’s Degree, they’ll have 4 years of seminary towards a bachelor’s degree, which includes the “philosophical requirements” before they study theology. If someone already has a Bachelor’s Degree, they do 2 years of “pre-Theology”, which focuses on philosophical preparation. Then they go on to do the 4 years of theology, and have the ordination at the conclusion of the Masters of Divinity degree.

It depends on the diocese and the school in which the degree was obtained and the courses were taken. Some courses may not be transferable to seminary and others might. It really depends so your best bet is ask the vocational person at your local diocese and see what he has to say.

7 years.:smiley:

2 years pre-theology (philosophy, languages, catechism) + 4 years theology + pastoral year.

There’s rumblings of a new version of the Program for Priestly Formation coming out, so that might change in a few years… but that’s the track I’m on currently.:thumbsup:

Not a bachelors in theology but you would need more than a masters in theology, which is what Im going for 36 credits, the seminarians i go to school with have to go for longer basically what Lamentation said. But there are different needs for a dioscean priest verses specific orders, brothers etc.

Usually 2 years to obtain your philosophy requirements in what is called a Pre-Theology program, and then 4 years in Major Seminary (some dioceses require a pastoral year too).

So 6-7 years.

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