How long would Jesus have lived if he was not crucified

would he have lived forever because he did not have original sin?

As well as Mary why did she die?

And what would have happened had Pilate stuck to his original feelings on the matter and released Jesus? Would we never have been saved? Would God have sent his Son to Earth again after the death of Jesus if it had been by natural causes, so as to try again? Very interesting supposition.

There is a belief that Mary was assumed into Heaven without actually experiencing an Earthly death.

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe the Catholic Church has ever taught that Adam and Eve would have lived forever had they not touched that tree. I know the whole “wages of sin is death” thing, but I’ve always looked at it as a spiritual death. I’ve only heard the concept applied to physical death by protestants (many of whom are OSAS and reject the idea of spiritual death, leaving them only one other interpretation).

Jesus had a human body and a human nature. If all human bodies experience physical death, then Jesus would have died of old age.

false premise-the Christain belief is that Christ died for our sins-so no death no forgiveness of sins and then what’s the point?

without the Resurrection the teachings of Christ are a nice presentation of a peaceful-philosophy /theology

no need to look at creation myths to try to explain the original sin caused us to become mortal and die-we ( homo spaiens) were always mortal -there was a DNA Adam and a mitochondrial Eve but lived at different times and not in the same place

the Blessed Virgin Mary died because she we human -if she was assumed into heaven (say around 40 or 50 AD) surely someone would have noticed the event and commented on it-no comments

Without the Cross, He would still have transitioned to His everlasting body, as that is what human beings do.

Possibly without, however, the sheer hideousness that is death.

We will never know however, as without the Cross there would have been no need for Him to become human, and so that was never going to happen.


The older, more traditional belief is that she did die, but that her body subsequently vanished from its burial place.

On the other hand, assumption without dying is actually the more common example, of the assumptions we have recorded in Scripture (Enoch, Elijah). Moses may have gotten the assumption-after-death treatment, but we have a hint at that only from that weird bit in Jude that speaks of St. Michael and the Devil disputing over the body of Moses.

You’re right, though, that we have no direct Scriptural warrant for the Assumption of Mary as a historical event, and very little documentary evidence until some centuries after. I happen to think the best evidence is an oddity of absence – despite the fact that the veneration of saints’ bodily relics goes back pretty darn far, and the unfortunate practice of faking relics back just about as far, there are no known claimed relics of Mary’s body. I believe there are multiple places claiming to have preserved Jesus’ foreskin across two thousand years – that being the only part of His human body that would not have ascended with the rest of him, since he had been circumcised years before – but nothing for Our Lady, even with the lengthy gap before we have definite documentation of the Assumption as a belief. Somebody must have believed that something special happened to her body even back then, or we’d have somebody claiming to have her skull or her little toe or something.


I think this might be incorrect.

Jesus was always human and always existed from.the beginning of time. Remember it is us that was created in His omage, not the other way around.

His divine being has been** ab eterno**.

His human self, however, had a beginning, as everybody’s does, sometime around 6 BC.


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