How Long ???

While I am proud of the aide we are giving to help the millions of suffering in Asia, I am also concerned for those who are suffering from natural disasters here at home. How long will it take for our goverment to find the funds to help the victims of these storms out in California? Look how long it took them to deliver aide to the victims of our most reccent hurricane season, the unending weeks it took to get the portable housing units to all the families whose homes were completely demolished by the back to back hurricanes! Even weeks after the last hurricane there were still victims of the first waiting for some sort of real aide( outside of ice and water) from the federal goverment. While I have heard the complaints about how slow we were to send aide to Asia, they recieved aide a lot faster than many disaster victims right here. I am just knocked off my feet at how fast we can promise funds for disasters around the world, when some of our congresspeople and senators have to almost beg to get the funds that have been pledged to help their own right here. What do the rest of you have to say about this? Do we have any current members who have been on one of the post disaster waiting list, if so I’d love to know how you feel about it.
Linda H.

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