How Lovely Is Your Dwelling, Lord Mighty God! - Our New Church Was Dedicated On Saturday!


St. Joseph's in Downingtown, PA. More pics in the link. Archbishop Chaput was wonderful. Please pray that it may be a house of faith, love and joy.


It’s the best and most beautiful tradition, isn’t it? Our new expanded church was dedicated in Nov, 2011. The entire ceremony , beginning outside as the church keys were handed to our Bishop who opened the door and then handed the keys to our pastor, Fr. Oliver, continueing with the blessing of all the spaces used in the church including the walls and windows, the altar, the holy water font, the baptismal, etc. All very reverent and respecting the dwelling place of our Lord.


"Terrible is this place: it is the house of God and the gate of Heaven, and shall be called the court of God."


What a beautiful new church! Thank God that Catholic architecture is returning.

I feel compelled to ask whether this church is down in downtown Downingtown.


The pictures are beautiful. I love how it looks traditional. Congratulations.


Thanks for the compliment - it was not unintentional. When we first started planning, the decision was made that it would have a cruciform shape. It does incorporate some of the 1972 era looks of our current beloved church (not a lot) but draws on the old style Irish and Italian churches of the immigrants who founded the parish 150 years ago.


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