How many animals mean something else?


How many animals mean something else?

Dog means evil people.

Goat mean wicked.

Sheep followers of the shepherd.

What do other animals symbolize?



All animals have symbolic imagery to them, in different tines and places.

Some churches still use a pelican image (in strained glad or a a relief in art) to represent Christ, as a pelican will feed its chicks its blood and flesh when they are hungry.

I’ll google a bit…what an interesting topic!


Here’s a list from the Catholic Encyclopedia:


I am thinking of the evangelists
Lion, Ox, & Eagle


You guys are total saints!

Michael: I would never have thought to look in the Catholic Encyclopedia!!!



Cardinal-A prince in the Church

Skunk- sneaky, underhanded person

Weasel- get out of something in an underhanded way

Robin- sign of spring

Bear-a cranky, angry person

Mouse- a quiet, shy person

Rat-a tattle-tale


Cat- a hipster
Shrew- a mean spirited female
Scorpion- gang member
Locust- famine


In The Book of Tobit there was a dog that followed Tobias on his journey (6:2 and 11:4).He seemed like just a loyal pet, not evil at all.


I wonder which breed?


I read a children’s story about Adam & Eve and in this story there was a dog that followed them around and when they were expelled from the Garden The Lord allowed the dog to go with them for He knew they would need a loyal friend. The book ended with the reminder that DOG spelled backwards is still man’s best Friend!:slight_smile:


I don’t know, it doesn’t say. But in most paintings, it is portrayed as just a little dog.



When I went to print out the article, I notice it was you that posted it.



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