How many biblical people have raised the dead?


So, I just came across Gehazi and Elisha. I’m amazed that Elisha parted the Jordon and brought back people from the dead. So, are there others in the Bible who also did amazing stuff like Moses and Jesus?


Peter raised Tabitha from the dead in Acts of the Apostles 9:40.

Paul raised Eutychus from the dead in Acts of the Apostles 20:7-12



Moses did not raise anyone from the dead.


No, but he did part the Red Sea – GG is asking about ‘amazing stuff’, right?


I think you’ve misread that, Gehazi was unable to heal the Shunammite womans’ son and Moses didn’t raise anyone from the dead.

In the New Testament, Peter in Acts 9: 36-43 raised Dorcas. Paul in Acts 20:7-12 raised the young man Eutychus and Jesus raised Lazarus.

That’s about it, about 4 or 5 incidents. There really was not a lot of raising from the dead.


Elijah called down fire from heaven which consumed the false prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18 and again called down fire which consumed 50 soldiers in 2 Kings 1.

Hannania, Azariah and Michel were cast into a furnace and emerged without harm in Daniel 3.

Paul was bit by a deadly snake in Acts of the Apostles 28 but suffered no harm.



Elijah raised one person from the dead (1 Kings 17:22), Elisha raised one person during his lifetime (2 Kings 4:35) and another person after his death (2 Kings 13:21), Jesus Christ raised three people before his own resurrection (Matthew 28:20 and parallels, Mark 5:42 and parallels; Luke 7:15; John 11:44) and “many” after his resurrection (Matthew 27:53), Peter raised one person (Acts 9:40), and Paul raised one person (Acts 20:10).


That’s true but it has nothing to do with the thread title. Why not have the thread title about amazing stuff?


Why has NO ONE done this in recent history, (by recent, Im referring to anytime after the year 1700 AD)? I believe Jesus did say it was possible.


There was no one raised from the dead in A.D. 1700, what are you talking about?

Aside from Christ, There are only 5 instances of raising people from the dead in all of the 6000 years of biblical accounts. It is not common in Scripture, why would it be now.
When Jesus returns in Glory, He will raise everyone from the dead, I wouldn’t be expecting anyone to raise people from the dead before that.


Elisha parted the Jordon (paralleling Moses) and raised the dead (paralleling Jesus … Who incidentally parallels Moses). I guess before coming across Gehazi and Elisha I only thought of Moses parting large bodies of water and Jesus as raising the dead.

Thank you for he refference to the Apostles raising the dead. It is uncommon to hear of in the culture that surrounds me … Unless your into zombies and stuff ---- which is so un-amazing IMO.


As Christians, we believe in the resurrection and should not fear death, so if a Christian’s child dies, they will not despair and beg God for their child to be brought back to life, rather they will trust God and accept that in God’s eyes it was their child’s time to die.
Having said that, I’m pretty sure I’ve read a number of accounts of people being raised from the dead in Orthodox literature.


Miracles like this happen every day. We are blind to them.

A pilot landed a commercial jet in the East River in New York City a few years back and not a single person was hurt. Everyone gave credit to the pilot as was fitting but no one thanked God. :shrug:

People are miraculously cured and walk out of hospitals every day leaving doctors to scratch their heads.



=Giggly Giraffe;13023373]So, I just came across Gehazi and Elisha. I’m amazed that Elisha parted the Jordon and brought back people from the dead. So, are there others in the Bible who also did amazing stuff like Moses and Jesus?

NT= Jesus Peter and Paul:)

Don’t remmeber the OT :o


Well, that is understandable, the way that emergency landing happened, it COULD be entirely attributed to the pilots training and being able to remain calm under such pressure…now, if this incident had happened over a mountain range, and there was ZERO chances of anyone surviving, the plane was in a complete tail spin and it was miraculously stopped in mid air, slowed down and gently placed on on stable ground, THAT would be a definite miracle.

The difference is whether it can be repeated by ANYONE…put some other pilots in a simulator with the exact same conditions that pilot Sullenburger faced, Id say its probable at least some of them could have done the same thing, it all depends on their training and ability to remain calm under pressure.


By definition, though, pilots ‘in a simulator’ are de facto not in ‘the exact same conditions’… :wink:


I disagree – it happens!

There are lots of stories about people who were dead on the operating room table (or elsewhere), who – beyond any medical explanation – ‘come back to life’ and make a recovery. Are we really so jaded that we’re saying that the prayers of the faithful aren’t to be given some credit for these recoveries?


You are right about that, but the fact is, its POSSIBLE for another pilot do this same thing, in a real plane, with real passengers, if it was a real miracle, it would absolutely impossible for ANY pilot to do.

A REAL miracle, would be something like this…a plane lost both engines and controls at 30,000ft, started a steep, fast nose dive towards the ground, then at 100ft before it hits the ground, it is miraculously stopped in mid air, leveled out and gently set down, and not one person aboard had a scratch…this would be IMPOSSIBLE for ANY pilot to do, it would break the laws of physics and gravity.

Following such a thing, investigators would admit this was impossible, there would be NO other explanation other than supernatural interference, after Sullys plane landed on the Hudson, FAA investigators could go into the black box and see how he did this, how he saved the people, by HIS actions, if it was a real miracle, there would be NO explanation.

Another example would be, lets say a terrorist put a bomb in a building, it blows up and the building starts to collapse, then a miracle happened and the building stopped collapsing, and went back to normal, and no one lost their lives…it would be something that literally has NO other explanation.


Apparently, we disagree on the definition of a ‘miracle’. It’s not something “absolutely impossible”, but rather, something without a natural explanation. I agree that “something absolutely impossible” falls within the range of this sort of thing – but it’s not the absolute requirement that you make it out to be.


How many biblical people have raised the dead

How many saints, prophets, teachers, and indeed very ordinary citizens
put into practice the words of the gospel by their words and actions and help transform

Could we not say that they in a very real sense they helped “raise the dead” to new life?
This was true in biblical times, and it is still true today.

How many people will you “raise from the dead” today? :slight_smile:

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