How many Catholic couples contracept and/or are sterlized?


What is your best guess estimate for how many “Catholic” couples use contraception or are sterilized?


I wouldn’t want to guess, but I bet it’s a whole lot more than we think.



Well we don’t…


I’d imagine some of my more judgmental acquaintances think we do :shrug: …we’ve just been dealing with infertility. :frowning:


I’ve read it’s anything from 6% to 4% using Natural Family Planning.


How do you justify your prurient interest in the private lives of others?



I think your dismissive/derisive quote mark around the term Catholic to describe these couples is extremely rude and elitist. The Church is a hospital for sinners… where else would you have us who struggle and fail on birth control issues go?

Are there other classes of sinners that are not real Catholics to you, or is this reserved only for sexual/birth control sins?


Same here, kevinsgirl. 5 years of marriage, no living children and not for lack of trying. I’m sure many think we’re contracepting and are thus “Catholic” (which I assume is meant to be derogatory and judgemental). Whatever happened to assuming the best of people?


I agree with this post.

Besides, if it’s true that 94% to 96% of Catholics are using artificial birth control, if all of them can’t be real Catholics, the church’s numbers would be pretty much decimated, wouldn’t they?

Hate the sin, love the sinner…!!!


Out of all the Catholic couples that I personally know, my husband and I are the only ones who use NFP (the others use the pill, mostly).


I have only known two couples who used NFP in all my years of talking with friends about this topic. Everyone I knew except them used ABC.

Most of the Catholics I know now use ABC – there is nobody in this town to teach NFP even if they were interested in using it.


Of the myriad Catholics I know, there are but two couples that I know use contraception… one uses condoms, the other uses NFP.

I wish not to judge them; as others have said before me, hate the sin and love the sinner.


Just an observation, but at the parish I attend, I can’t think of a single family that has more than three children. Most have only one or two. I find it hard to believe that everyone is suffering with infertility, so based on my wildly unscientific observation, the answer to your question would be, “just about everyone.”



Most Catholics I know don’t even know what NFP is and think we’re dumb (they used other words to describe it) for using it…

And most of my family, my DH’s family and our Catholics friends assume we are on birth control or suggest that we use it. :mad: But anyhow, I don’t think this question should be asked… it’s not up to us to question/judge others.


Some people do use NFP and end up only having three children. And I’ve known families of five or six where contraception was used. You can’t judge based on the presence or absence of kids.


Just to be clear, I was not making a value judgement. Just an observation. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other.


That is plain judgment :mad: There are many who use NFP. We are not to judge others so why assume they are contracepting? That makes me sooooo mad because that’s what people thought about us and we didn’t know I am partially infertile (we just found out 2 months ago). We’ve been trying for over 14 months (married for 26 months) and have had one miscarriage and no other pregnancies… Anyhow, you wouldn’t believe how common infertility is :frowning:


I guess we posted at the same time… but still, it’s ot up to us to question… we don’t know why they only have 1, 2 or 3 kids… some have very grave reasons to avoid (I know I was one of those couples) and besides, it’s between them ang God.


Geez. Did someone pee on your cornflakes this morning?

I wasn’t judging. I wasn’t questioning. As I said, I don’t even care. It was just an observation…one that I hadn’t even thought about until the OP asked his question.

:hug3: Here’s hoping your day gets better.


Well as new coverts we have definitely been trying hard on NFP. For years we used the pill when we were first married. Both of us were Protestents and contraception was encouraged.

When we finally were ready we had a LOT of difficulty getting pregnant the first time. Chlomid and even tried the washing stuff which may or may not have lead to our first viable pregnancy (previously had a miscarriage).

Anyway, once we did it has seemed like every time she got done breastfeeding… bam, we were having a nother one.

Since joining the Church at Easter we have truly tried to be good Catholics, we do believe everything Church teaches but after 38 years and almost 15 years of marriage believing one thing, it’s definitely more difficult than it seems.

However when we would fail, because we were prudently considering it wasn’t the right time for another yet (if it was ever going to be the right time) we always went to confession. Our Priests have been very encouraging and not judgemental at all. We have 3 boys and they have just told us to keep praying and keep working on it. They understood how difficult it was to change on a dime after so long (BTW we love the Sacrament of Reconcilliantion - if you haven’t been in a while, go :))

Anyway… so that’s been our plight latley. Lazy NFP, not using anything most of the month then often failing once or twice during the fertle period.

Oddly enough it seems that God, in His infinite Wisdom, not ours of course has decided it didn’t matter if we thought we were ready or not. :thumbsup: We have always prayed that we were open to life, although we failed a few times since Easter. I believe that He heard those prayers though. We aren’t “announcing” anything yet because it’s still early on but it looks like number 4 will be here in Feb :slight_smile: Praise the Lord! Perhaps we will get a girl this time!

Thus my point is that if you are having trouble don’t give up. There are some tests that can be done and are ok with the Church to make sure there are no medical issues.

If you are trying to decide about NFP, at least try, we knew how to do it but all out kids were conceived late into her cycle thus I guess we “thought” we were safe during the safe time, apparently one decided to hang out and wait on that egg. It will be difficult, in fact I have no idea how we will manage but I have to have Faith that He will provide, He has given us more than we could have ever hoped for already… including leading us Home.

Most of the Catholics I know don’t use NFP or have been “fixed”, our good friends do though and have been very encouraging but most probably don’t. We are starting to get older though so this may be our last chance. I pray that everything goes well.

Will we completely use NFP or contracept from time to time… no idea yet (prayerfully not), I believe though if you are really open though and try to follow His will there is no need to contracept… now if I can only live up to that statement myself. :slight_smile:



That is just plain rude! :mad: You should really watch what you are saying.

I am sick of people judging others because of having or not having kids and your remark wasn’t nice at all. Just in case you didn’t notice, we posted at the same time before you explained yourself.

Don’t ever speak to me again please.

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