How many Catholics were killed during WW2?


What is the estimated number of how many Catholics were killed by the Nazis during WW2? Can anyone show me a source of that also (website). thank you BD


I can’t give you an answer, but I can provide you with an interesting historical document that I came across when doing research on Catholicism and the Third Reich (to debunk a Chick Tract in the future).

These are three sermons given by a very courageous Catholic Bishop in the heart of Germany near the height of the Third Reich. Powerful! They’ll bring you to tears. I’m so proud of this Bishop!

Here are the sermons:
Three Sermons in Defiance of the Nazi’s by Bishop Von Galen, “The Lion of Munster”

God Bless!


Depends what you mean. For instance a very large number of German soldiers were executed by their own side on the Russian front. A lot would have been Catholics. However the reasons could range from refusal to commit atrocities out of religious conviction, to politically-based opposition to the German government, to purely selfish though understandable desire to avoid combat. Disentangling the truth is almost impossible.


Seems pretty clear the OP is curious about how many Catholics were exterminated in the death camps.



There are many websites on the net that show the civilian deaths by county during WWII.
A number that sticks with me is in Poland a country of 25,0000,000 before the war.
6,500,000 people were killed
2,500,000 Jews and
I would guess the fast majortity of the 4,000,000 non Jews to be Catholoc.
That’s one country over 40,000,000 people died
Russia,Poland,and Germary suffered the most deaths


The total usually given for the death camps is 13 million. Of this 6 million were jews. Most of the rest were slavs from eastern europe. Most of these would have been Orthodox or Catholic.

Of course any Jews that had converted, or their parents or grandparents, would have been counted as Jews. So, for example, St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) would be sent to the camps because she was racially Jewish, though her religion was Catholic.


thank you for those answers.


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