How many decades of Rosary does the 54 day Rosary novena involve each day?

I have heard the 54 day Rosary novena, which involves praying some decades of Rosary each day for 54 days. I heard that this novena is a powerful novena for obtaining a grace, and am considering doing it. But, I find different information online about how many decades of Rosary this novena involves each day. Some say 5 decades, and some say 15 decades, and some say 20 decades. Which one is correct?

For example, this web page says that this novena involves 5 decades of Rosary each day.

But this web page says that this novena involves 15 decades of Rosary each day.

And, this web page says that this novena involves 20 decades of Rosary each day.

So, which one is correct?

I have prayed many 54 day rosary novenas and have always prayed just five decades as part of the novena.

You would certainly be able to pray 15 or 20 decades, if you prefer. The standard though is five.


20 decades doesn’t make sense since that is a newer innovation and wouldn’t have been around at the time the novena was initiated. As for whether the true, original version is 5 or 15, I couldn’t tell you. So I’ll follow this thread and wait for some knowledgeable person to chime in.

It involves 5 decades. There are particular sets of 5 mysteries assigned to each day.

Fr. Heilman who runs the Roman Catholic Man page is extremely orthodox. Says Mass ad orientem and is always having Fr. Ripperger guest at his church or in his podcasts. Believe me if it was supposed to be 15 he’d have us say 15. His rosary group is also huge (20,000 to 60,000 people).

It would not be 20 because the Luminous Mysteries weren’t invented at the time the devotion was started. The Luminous Mysteries aren’t even part of the 54 days.

There’s also other misinformation on that Walsingham page

You’re not limited to “one intention”, you can have a group of intentions. Rosaries are never limited to “one intention”. A novena typically is directed to a particular novena intention, but you’re allowed to add personal intentions, for example. The page also reads like it was written by someone who is not fluent in English, and it omits a number of the prayers associated with the novena. Maybe Walsingham should exercise some better quality control over what goes on its website, though if it gets someone to pray I guess it’s not bad.

Fr. Heilman’s page is far more complete.
But I personally like this page the best of all - it’s the most complete of all.


Thanks for the clarification!

I would note that some traditionalists would pray 15 decades every day for 54 days, probably on the basis that when this devotion was received through a traditionally approved private revelation back in the late 1800s, Catholics often said 15 decades per day. Over time, including during most of the 20th century, the Vatican and parishes encouraged people to just say 5 decades a day because many people didn’t have the time to say all 15 every day. The “encouragement” came in the form of granting the plenary indulgence for just 5 decades and by assigning particular sets of 5 mysteries to each day of the week.

You can always say 15 decades a day if you want, but it isn’t required for the novena.

Also, the 54 day novena is a private devotion and you are free to make changes as long as you pray sincerely. For example, you’re allowed to include Luminous Mysteries if you want, even though they weren’t invented for 100 years after this novena was promulgated.


Thank you for your information!

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A genuine question:
Those who are already devoted to the Holy Rosary, are they supposed to say an extra 5 decades for the purpose of this devotion, or just add the prayers to 5 decades?

They can choose what they want to do.

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