How many Gods will you see in heaven?



I’ve emailed it to her, I’ll reveal her identity to those of you who haven’t figured it out yet (from another thread) soon.

JeffReedy, thanks, I didn’t get into what we mean by “heaven.” For the purpose of our discussion, it was assumed the Beatific Vision (but I knew better than to use that term!!).

Catholic4A Reason - She says she believes in the Godhead, but doesn’t really want to go beyond that. So, I spent some time giving an explanation of why it’s necessary that Christ be both God and man.

Yall have really helped me here. I should say also, that from looking into this, there is a mystery opened to us in Scripture that your Church has, through teaching, elaborated on some points, yet not going beyond what is reasonable from Scripture. There have been some heretical ideas that had to be wabashed away, and in defending the truth from heresies, maybe we can know a little more. It’s been an interesting study.



How many Gods will we see in heaven?

Easy, when you look at a three leaf clover how many clovers do you see? 1 clover, 3 leafs!

So Saint Patrick continues to enlighten today.

By the way, how do you know what gifts we have in heaven? Will we have eyes? Do our souls have eyes?

Many people have a good side and a bad side, talkative and yet polite, etc… Because we have different traits does that mean we will have seperate bodies/souls in heaven for each trait?

GR8 question. I liked it. I hope you like St. Patricks answer.

Keep up the good posts,

PS, I just looked at my keyboard. I did not see 100+ keys, I saw ONE keyboard. This answer is from Malachi4U not St. Patrick. Whoa, what is before our eyes and we do not ‘see’?



Heck, if God want’s to appear as the Glorified Jesus, a burning bush, a dove, or a pillar of fire, It can. God is described with all of these things in Scripture. That’s assuming God wants to “appear” at all in a strict sense (though I would like to get a look at the real face of Jesus, a pillar of fire would be cool too!) :stuck_out_tongue:



From my post recently above:**

I’ve emailed it to her, I’ll reveal her identity to those of you who haven’t figured it out yet (from another thread) soon.

**Ok, I’m not going to reveal the identity of the mystery question asker. It’s probably best not to rattle things like that around. But, anyways, thanks. I’ve not heard back from “Tuxedo Tom” yet, which is ok by me. Thanks for the great help. I grew from it.

The person’s name is not “Tom” I just made that up, like on Dear Abby. No the person’s name is not Abby.


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