How many Heisman trophy winners has abortion killed?

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How many scientists, teachers, engineers,
artists, authors…the list can go on and on.


Also on that list with some certainty from the huge numbers would be great saints who would have helped others gain eternal salvation. We may learn more about that at the last judgment. I know of some Down’s syndrome children who taught their parents a lot without even trying.

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Roe v Wade was 1973. This is 2019. So…at most 46.
Every one is too many. But the answer can’t be more than 46.


How many war criminals, genocidal dictators, murderers and rapists has abortion saved us from?

This seems like a pretty strange argument.

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How many people do you know are genocidal dictators or war criminals? Abortion is murder so that’s taken care of.

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I agree. No one who was lost would have been a lesser loss because it could be demonstrated he or she couldn’t have been a great athlete.

After all, even Tim Tebow’s athletic accomplishments are so much straw, next to his faith.

They only give out one Heisman trophy a year, so there have been far more criminals born in the last 46 years than there have been Heisman trophy winners, particularly if the group is restricted to women more vulnerable to making the decision to abort their children, such as unwed mothers in neighborhoods full of gangs and crime. Their children are as much as loss as any other mother’s child, even if children who would be disabled or at high risk for a life of crime. It wasn’t the possibility of their existence that was the problem!! Their value wasn’t in their capacity to produce on a sports field!

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I know that, but I found the counter argument to be less proportionate then this argument. I’m including other figures that do good since limiting to winners of some trophy isn’t logically sound. This is more an emotional argument since it uses a story more than reason, which is why it mentions only these trophy winners.

When we hear that someone who has accomplished great things was ever recommended as a victim of abortion, is natural to wonder how many wonderful human beings have been lost.

We have to be very careful, though, that we don’t turn this into musing that makes some people more worthwhile than others, because that emotional argument is also made–how much suffering could be averted by “preserving” the world from impoverished children, disabled children, mentally unsound children and so on. The backers of eugenics appeal to emotions, too.

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