How many here were Catholic then changed faiths after being here?

I am curious, if any Catholics here left the Catholic Church after posting here - IE: were Catholic (even if they were not practicing- or even if they were- but LEFT the Catholic Church for something else)

I do not want this to be a debate thread if someone posts that they were and left—

Start your own thread to bash them.

Right now I only want to know 2 things-

If you came here to CAF as a Catholic, and you left the Catholic Church yet, stay at CAF—

Are you here to evangelize Catholics?

Or -----

are you here because you just like it here?

or -----


Be clear, my intention is not for you (if this applies to you) to bash the Catholic Church. My intention is to know why YOU are HERE.

Not that you cant be or should not be here!

The point is - what is your motivation?

Are you angry with the Church? Yes or NO please- no elaborations.

I am curious. As a lurker I saw a Catholic here that is now a non Catholic- and I started this thread because of that observation.

That poster was in my mind, and still is a wonderful person.

But- as an outsider- I can see that another poster here had a big part in her leaving.

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