How many hours/day do you watch television?

How many hours/day do you watch television?

When I say “watch,” I mean actually sit down and WATCH a show, not just have the TV on for “noise.”

For me, about one hour/day. Some days it’s more (like during football season). But other days, I don’t turn it on at all. So I’d say about an hour/day.


P.S. May I please request that we not pass judgement on others in this thread? If you want to start another thread about TV viewing habits, that’s OK. But can we please keep this thread just a place to post your hours? Thanks so much.

It depends. Some days, not at all. Other days, I’ll park for 5 hours straight and watch a rerun marathon. I don’t have many regular shows, so when I watch it ends up being whatever looked most interesting while flipping through channels.

I tape during the week and watch on weekends

Zero. It doesn’t get any use except for video games, and I watch movies on the computer.

It probably averages out to one hour per day. I’m not much of a t.v. freak. Now please don’t ask how many hours I spend online (esp. CAF)!:blush:

None. No cable or broadcast TV at all.:wink:

If my husband is at home, I watch about two or three hours a night with him - it depends also if there is anything on that we like to watch. (In a 100 channel universe, it’s actually surprising how little there is on TV that we like to watch.)

When I’m on my own, I turn on EWTN or else put on a video, just for noise. We just recently got EWTN, in the past week - I’ve been really enjoying Mother Angelica and Father Corapi - I also saw the rerun of Bishop Sheen on Friday, and I enjoyed that, too - he had quite a sense of humour - I liked the bit about the elephants. :slight_smile:

I only really watch 4-5 hours a week, but thats mainly because we don’t have cable and there are only 2-3 TV shows I enjoy. Okay actully theres more than that but only 2-3 my husband enjoys watching too :wink: I also enjoy PC games alot so that tends to cut in to the time I would be watching TV.

Now my kids on the other hand watch 2-3 hours a day, whichs isn’t something I like, but its so easy when I get overwhelmed and just want them to sit and be quite a while.

I watch no TV, and have moved it to the guest room. That makes for better conversation when I have guests in the living room.

I prefer to read and listen to music CD’s than to watch TV.

It probably averages one hour a day. I watch the The Daily Show and The Colbert Report four days a week. And I watch Nova and Frontline once a week, with a handful of extra shows sprinkled in here and there.

What I am embarassed about is the amount of time I spend on the internet! :blush:

I can’t even remember the last time I sat down and watched TV. It probably would have been the news at my parents’ house a year ago. So, I am going to say “zero”.

I don’t watch any shows. The only thing I ever watch is sports. Right now, I’m watching all the Cavaliers games and some of the other basketball games. If there is no sports, I don’t watch it at all.

When I was in back home in MO it would be at the most a half hour a day. Since I have been relocated for work to CO without my family, it has really gone up, there is nothing else to do so I watch TV and sit on CAF. :thumbsup:

not much, DH works in the room with the TV and has sports live or from tivo on most of the time. I do go through and tivo some old movies, which I save to watch when I have time. Anything in series shows I like is in rerun and I have already seen it several times. there has been nothing appealing about new network shows for several years so I don’t bother. I tivo Fr. Groeschel, Bishop Sheen and Fr Corapi to watch mornings when I go into work late. Our PBS does not carry Mystery, which is the only thing there I like to watch. When MIL is here we bring over another TV for her, which is on EWTN most of the time she is awake.

On weekdays: zero. Children are allowed one DVD every third day or so. Most days, the TV never gets turned on.

Saturdays: The kids watch a DVD on the computer, sitting on our bed while we snooze a bit. After the children are in bed for the night, DH and I will watch a movie.

Sundays: Maybe a movie once the children are in bed.

News 5 nights a week from 5pm - 7pm.

Talk Radio - 4 hours a day!:eek:

CAF… don’t ask!

Not much, mostly news or EWTN.

Seriously. None. I haven’t watched TV in several years now. I have one, but I only use it to watch DVDs. I might watch something on EWTN ever so often but that’s it.

For me, normally I’ll watch 1 or 2 shows maybe in the evening. Most of the time I’m reading at the same time or talking to DH. Right now, I’m home recuperating from surgery so the TV is on a lot. My family and friends have been great and supportive, but I’m still alone quite a bit and the noise helps me feel like there are others around. That being said, unless I’m really sick I just can’t sit and watch TV without doing something else.

Based on your definiation–less than 1/2 hour. I personally only watch one movie with my family on the weekend. My kids will watch maybe 1 hour per day additional. My husband might watch an old movie (about 2 hours) in the evenings a couple of nights a week or the news (1 hour).

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