How many interests/hobbies do you share with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend?


I’m curious. :smiley: Are you and your significant other very similar, and enjoy doing all of the same things? Or are you really different, and are bored to death by the other’s hobbies?

Me and my boyfriend share playing computer games, and music. I don’t like computer programming; he does. I like embroidering, he doesn’t… :stuck_out_tongue:


Our interests used to be tha same but I guess we have changed over the years. Now we don’t share any interensts.:frowning:


I voted most, but out of the millions of things we both like the same, there’s maybe two or three we don’t. Nepenthe’s a much bigger fan of tofu and vegetarian cooking, while I don’t exactly seek it out. I, on the other hand, will eat lima beans. Stuff like that.


I voted for “a few”. Granted, we don’t do much except school/work/errands. We do help with the youth group together, and both like swimming, skating, some of the same TV programs, NOT many of the same movies (since i don’t like violence!). But our dislikes complement each other- I love baking/cooking (he eats it!) and I hate technology and he loves it, so he fixes my computer, etc :stuck_out_tongue:


I went ahead and voted ‘All of them,’ to balance Mirdath’s ‘Most of them,’ since yeah, any differences of opinion we have are vanishingly few and trivial, while our similarities add up to ‘monolithic.’ :stuck_out_tongue:

But the lima beans…oh no, sweetie. You want 'em, you can sneak out and enjoy them in the company of your shady lima - loving buddies if you must, but not under this roof. And I better not smell them on your breath when you come crawling back! :wink:


Oh wait, I’m lying, I hate football.
Other than that, two peas in a pod.


We share some, but not everything and actually I am glad. I am surprised by the amount of men on here that must love to go on a 6-8 hour clothing shopping spree with their wives!

I love Indian cinema, but he abhors it with a passion and refuses to go to any film. So either I go by myself or with a friend.

While I think its great that some couples like and hate everything equally, for anyone who is not married please don’t think that your current boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t marriage material just because she/he happens to like a certain interest/hobbies that you may not like.


I think I hate shopping more than he does. So true about different interests. I was not religious at all when I met my husband; I was just not raised the way he was. He really opened my eyes to our faith. Now it is something we share completely.


Single at the moment, but I have so many interests that I’ll need to share quite a number of them with the lady when she comes - although it’ll be nice to have some differences. It’s always nice to learn about someone’s interests that are different from your own. It promotes respect, I guess. Besides, can’t be the same. A little alike, sure, compatible, understanding, empathic… but not the same. :wink:


We share almost all! I say almost, because I’m going to a Romance authors high tea this afternoon, and he’s not going to be coming with me. I don’t really like category romance novels (read about sex? No thanks!), but there’s going to be some chicklit/scifi writers that I like there, and even though hubby likes their books, he’s not going to be caught dead at a tea party. :smiley:


Most, but not all.
We both like to travel, and explore new towns. Love the outdoors, hiking, hunting, fishing. Love trying new restaurants, and new foods. The same kinds of movies, pretty much, and going to the theatre. Same kind of humor, for the most part. This is, of course, a small sample only.

He likes Nascar, I couldn’t care less. Same with wrestling. Ugh.
He will watch a movie over and over every time it comes on. Forrest Gump and Rambo come to mind, This drives me crazy.

I like to read, he watches TV. I’m an internet person, he just checks email and the race rankings.

We are best friends, always have a blast together, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world, Nascar/wrestling and all!


I stated “nothing.” My wife and I share the kids, and not much else. My wife enjoys chain smoking and listening to the AM radio. I enjoy and do: camping, hiking and/or going on walks, hunting, good movies, good books, working on our house, fixing our cars, growing apple trees, bird watching, prayer and going to Church. She doesn’t do anything that would take her away from a place where she can chain smoke and listen to that AM radio. I can’t bear to even look at her sometimes, but I’m a Catholic man, and I married her. :crying:


We like old movies, are happy to stay home rather than go to parties etc, and we want to travel when the kids are out of the house. We’re both reading Band of Brothers.

He likes working in the yard and I’m happy to take care of the inside of the house. I like watching football; him, not so much!


We like most of the same things such as reading (although different genres) movies, writing, walking etc but he enjoys things that I dont such as Sci-Fi computer games, he cant cook to save his live and I would rather watch paint dry than sit through a horror flick but it works.


Some. We share a love of the same sort of books, and our faith, and science fiction tv and movies, and a lot of the same friends, but lots of our interests are widely divergent- he’s a martial artist, computer games geek, and I’m a bellydancing food fanatic who loves historical costuming and sewing. I think we’ve got a good balance.


We share most of the same hobbies and interests. We both enjoy playing on-line puzzles each day, like Jumble, play four, solitare, or crosswords. We compete against each other each evening on those. I just took up golf so that we could spend more of our free time on the weekends together, and we both enjoy reading. We like most of the same tv shows and movies though DH tends to like some of the immature shows.



I don’t think there’s anything we do independently… other than our divided house chores… he does the BIG stuff… I do the laundry. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have the same tastes in foods, movies, sports, recreation, music, etc, etc… gosh, I’ve never even thought about what life would be like if we didn’t have this much in common…


Its kind of interesting to think about this actually. Although we had similar interests in different areas before marriage, its interesting how we have taken interest in each others interests (lol, how many times can I use that word in one sentence) and now share interests that we possibly wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for each other.
For example, my husband loves football, loves watching the games. I was pretty much clueless about football until I met my husband. Sure, I loved going to football games in college, but I barely understood the game. I just went because it was fun. Now, I really enjoy sitting down to watch the game with him and rooting for our team (which is doing pretty bad right now :frowning: ). Our 2 yr old has known all the football signals since last season and our 1 yr old enjoys clapping and celebrating with us (which hasn’t happened that often lately…:crying:)
I like trying out new foods and my husband, who used to be an extremely picky eater, now joins me in trying out new foods and recipes.
There are still things we enjoy doing that the other may not be fond of, but I find it neat how our love for each other sometimes leads us to take interest in things that would have never piqued our interest before. (Lol, and I am not saying that a couple doesn’t love each other if they don’t take interest in each others hobbies, I know my dh loves me even if he isn’t as interested in knitting blankets for our babies :slight_smile: )


Our only shared hobby is fitness (we met in the gym).


We share just about most interests/hobbies - music, humor, literature, history, art, movies, hiking, nature, mass, travel, food etc. We even do Revolutionary War reenacting together. I was leary at first, especially since I was to be a lowly camp follower, but after my first reenactment with him, I actually had a lot of fun.

Only thing we don’t really have in common is that he loves to play video games - especially Medieval Total War. I don’t care for video games. He’s also really interested into Antique guns like Brown Besses or PA Long Rifles. I can appreciate the beauty and the artistry of the workmanship, but that’s about it. He’ll do a lot of reading up on it. He likes Shostakovitch. I appreciate his work, but not as crazy about it and won’t go out of my way to listen to it. Although our taste in music is pretty much the same.

With me, although he LOVES lieder, choral music, oratorio, etc., he’s not as crazy about opera - BUT does like the arias, ensembles - just not the whole opera. I’m an opera singer and the dear man will actually come to see me perform. He’s more interested in seeing me. Although he really does enjoy it when I do lieder recitals or things of that sort. So, I guess we don’t really have much of difference on the opera/classical singer thing.

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