How many marriages?

I’m writing a paper on marriage prep and and would like to include statistics for how many couples are married in the Catholic Church every year. Does anyone know where I can find this? I did a brief google search but came up empty.

Thanks in advance!

I do not believe their is a central database for such. You would typically email a series of diocese offices for their statistics then make a statistical estimate.

Try the Official Catholic Directory published by PJ Kennedy. Each year the book contains all kinds of statistical information, including just what you’re looking for.

They don’t make that information available online (after all, they are a business, and they make their money by selling the books), but almost every Catholic parish in the country will have one of these in the parish office (at least every parish with enough resources to buy a new one every year!).

Just go to the nearest (big) parish, or try a library (many bigger public libraries and most Catholic college libraries have these).

PS If I could, I would simply give you the statistic you’re asking about, but my parish isn’t one of those with enough resources to buy an updated copy every year.

Thanks! I’ll check that out tomorrow!

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