How many Masses a day? (laity)

I know that we can receive twice, in the context of Mass (by going to two Masses in a day) but can we go like to 4 Masses, and receive twice, or is there like a 2-Mass limit?

You could attend additional Masses without receiving communion if you wish. However, if that’s the case you may want to think about expanding your prayer life. The Liturgy of the Hours, for example, is also liturgy but is designed to be prayed over the course of the day.


I agree with the above - vary your prayer experiences and practices.

With regard to the rule about reception of Communion, you may receive twice, and the second time must be at Mass where you’re actively praying; a third time is possible in emergency cases of impending (or presumed impending) death.

The first reception could be Mass, a Communion Service, or some other circumstance.



And yes, I will add different devotions. THANK YOU!

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