How many Masses do you attend weekly?


If you attend more than one, how do you feel it helps you during the week? Thanks.


I attend 6 days a week. Because I don’t work early mornings there is no reason i shouldn’t attend. I feel very good attending that much. Great consistency.


I go all 7 days of the week but sometimes there might be complications were I will miss mass but I try to go everyday it feels good to receive Jesus.


I’ve been trying to go every day. Sometimes I miss because I don’t feel well or my work schedule doesn’t let me get there. I don’t know if it helps me, I am doing it for God and the poor souls.


I try to go at least once or twice during the middle of the week (though I’ve fallen off that a bit the past couple weeks). I find that, if I go on one of my days off (Tuesday or Wednesday), it helps me to resist temptation. Plus, I get the peace of receiving my Lord.


I usually go twice a week. Friday night is the only weeknight when Mass is offered in the evening at my parish. I can’t go in the morning. How does it help me? Probably in ways I’m not even conscious of, but also if I only go on Sundays I feel like I don’t stay as close to God as when I go to Mass and adoration during the week (ideally Mass on Friday and adoration another day).


Daily mass 7 days a week mostly sometimes due to logistics with work I don’t make weekday mass, but that is fairly few and far between


Usually once per week but sometimes make a weekday Mass which is lovely. It all depends on what shifts I am working.


Only on Sundays but I also to attend mass on Wednesdays for the devotion to the Blessed Mother. It clears my mind and keep my focus to attain holiness. There’s a saint who says, I forgot the name - the only truly regrettable thing in this life is not to become a saint.


I go to week day mass and mass on a Sunday, so 6 days a week. I only miss week day mass if a family/friend commitment crops up that I can’t fit around mass. But I cant work so going to mass is my work. I have found weekday mass to be a great benefit to me. It gives me the Blessed sacrament daily which is just too wonderful for words, extra prayer time (I go early to attend adoration regularly), more homilies and access to the Word read too me especially before I was of a mind to read it myself and it has become a social thing too as I know the people who go regularly and now I help clean the church and help out with various charity things when I am able. Our old priest used to ask us to stay behind after mass to help him with little chores such as putting away chairs after big masses (Christmas/Easter) and cards or parish welcome letters all for a cup of coffee and a chat. I have taken over from some of our older parishioners with certain duties and works around the parish and am now just part of the furniture and really feel the community spirit when one of us needs something there is always someone willing to help. When our new priest started he really relied on us to show him the ropes and where everything fitted in. He is quite relaxed and leaves a lot of things up to us. I think it’s most beneficial on many levels to go as often as we can, not everyone can go during the week, but if you can, I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you can manage to go to adoration, there’s nothing quite like it.


I try to go daily and it usually ends up between 4-7. Just depends on my work schedule.


Quite often as much as once a week.


Generally twice a week. The second mass on Tuesday had Adoration after mass, but no longer offers it. As a result, it’s become more optional.

I think going more often kept me on the straight and arrow longer before I inevitably fall into sin. I really think Adoration helped in that regards. There is something in me that would just linger longer than usual. Not really sure how to describe it.


Lately I’ve only been attending Saturday or Sunday. But I find I am missing my Adoration time and need to get back to that. We do have a Tuesday evening I could attend.


Community spirit, I like that! So enviable.


Before changing jobs, I attended 6 days/week. I felt that it kept me properly focused and became a central “hinge” in my life. I miss the opportunity to go daily. Life seems off-balance.


Seven, but sometimes more if Father needs us to help serve for him at a mass outside the seminary. Daily mass is one of the five pillars of the Clerics Regular Minor Charism


Between 4-7. I help in the sacristy so some Masses are “mine” to prepare and make sure the sound is good. On days when there is no evening Mass in my parish I might go into town and if I do I usually stay for the evening Mass and hang out with friends for a bit afterwards or listen to a talk or discussion. Those Masses are great as I can relax.


When 3 if I can (ALWAYS Sunday Mass and the weekday Masses on Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings).

Now very seldom it will “fall” that I read on a Saturday and set up on a Sunday so I go to both of those Masses plus the Weekday Masses making it 4 that week. But like I said that is very rare.

It makes me think MORE of God and less of myself. Our weekday Masses are at 6:30 AM. So to get out of a warm bed and get ready and get to Church at that early an hour is not the easiest thing to do. It has taught me that I can suffer a little less comfort and give MORE time to God than I was giving.


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