How many masses to offer


How many masses should we have said for relatives that have passed away? One of the parishes I am part of has a shortage of weekday masses so I am asking for masses for my grandparents, mother, and aunt and uncle. How do you know when to stop? Or do you just keep going for the rest of your life and hope someone eventually does same for you? X thank you friends


As many as you want. Do it occasionally if you wish. I would highly suggest having Masses offered for your loved ones while they’re still alive as well. St. Anselm suggested one Mass offered for someone alive may be worth more than a thousand offered for one after death.


It should be offered routinely. The souls in Purgatory suffer a great deal for a long time. It isn’t right to just have a Mass said for them and then they are just forgotten.


Why not just do a Plenary Indulgence for them then?


If possible I’d do once a month for the first year then once a year after that.


You need to be detached from sin to get one if those.


If it’s for one’s self yes, but I’m not sure that one’s attachment to sin has any effect on a Plenary Indulgence done for one who has already died. If it did it would still be a Partial Indulgence if the regular conditions (recent confession, communion received that day, and prayers offered for the intentions of the Pope) are met.


You could do them on the anniversary of their death, or their birthday, once a year maybe.


This is probably the best idea.

It would also be praiseworthy to offer prayers and sacrifices for their souls regularly.


I had one offered the week before she passed so that gives me comfort :slight_smile:


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