How many non-Catholic protestants have 'bishops'?

I glanced up at the TV as I was perusing CA and saw what appeared to be a priest’s collar worn by a man who was a guest on “One Hundred Huntley Street”, an evangelical protestant show. So I turned up the volume.
I didn’t catch what he was saying, but he turned to his fellow guest and addressed him as ‘bishop’.
This ‘bishop’ was simply wearing a suit and tie. He looked like a protestant (by his clothes).

So now I’m wondering what protestant denominations use the title bishop for certain positions. I was an Anglican for the first 38 years of my life so I know that Anglicans have bishops. Who else?

I recently read on the web that many Southern Baptists are starting to incoporate bishops and with vestments with the miter.And why? Because according to the leadership,the early church had bishops and the NT makes it clear it was an established office.

I don’t think I would bet on that being correct, as a general trend.


Mormons call their local pastors ‘bishops’.

I do not recall it being a trend,but a move based on scriptural proof. The bishopric is not a trend,but an established office.Trends come and go,the office of the bishop has never been in trend with Catholics,Orthodoxs,Anglicans and some Lutherans. :thumbsup:

Biblically speaking the office of Bishop is undeniable, although many groups have created similar power positions, giving it a different name. All other orders of clergy are deniable on the scriptural basis (since they were later evolutions. Priests evolved from Bishops as the communities grew larger and the bishops flock grew larger, etc).

My parents are United Methodists, and they have bishops. When I was an Independent Baptist, we were told the only offices were bishops and deacons. we equated bishops with pastors.

My point was particularly as to Southern Baptists, generally. The only cases I have heard of were in African-American congregations.


In 500 years they’ll have their own personal ordinariates :smiley:

Correct,GKC and that is what I failed to mention,my apologies


Lutherans have bishops.

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