How many of you actually read the terms and conditions?

Does anyone actually read the terms and conditions that companies or organizations want you to read?

Not doing it is at most a venial sin, would you guys agree with that?

Never read the terms.

No, it’s not a venial sin lol.

But yes, the devil is in the details.

Just see the South Park episode “The Human Cent-IPAD”, hilarious.

Online, mostly I don’t read terms and conditions. No sin in this at all. When I am doing things in the real world like renting a car, yes I do read terms and conditions - it absolutely is to your benefit to know what you’re agreeing to in this kind of situation.

I think most people don’t read the terms and conditions. It’s not a venial sin. :slight_smile:

I read through them once, a long time ago, got the point that I should follow the directions in the READ ME file (or let the auto-install do its thing), use the software for its intended purpose, don’t try to rewrite it or steal the code out of it, and understand that what I have purchased is the right to use the software on the number of computers that I bought it for, and no more than that - I don’t actually own the software itself, which still belongs to the company that created it. Oh, and don’t blame them if I install it on the wrong OS, and it doesn’t work as it should.

I assume every agreement since that time has said something similar to that. Usually if there is something significantly different from that, it will be highlighted in the advertising.

Reading the instructions?! :eek: That’s for wimps! :rolleyes:

Seriously, it’s like Sunbreak said. It’s more to cover your own rear end. No sin involved if you don’t. You might be banned from someplace, though, if you commit a faux pas that you should’ve known better than to commit! :tsktsk:

Currently I am contracts attorney so I DO read all the terms and condition on everything and everyone hates me for that Lol :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: I am an official pain in the neck and lately I just let my husband deal with things for the house because if I get in everybody hates me and they will run away…

Having said that…not reading it is not a venial sin and reading it is going to make everybody hate you… Like everyone hates me lol

I read them and it has save me some grief on several occasions. Not to read them is not a sin, but you assume the risk no to! :bigyikes:

it would take u an avg of a month per year
to fully read all the tos u agree to

screw that aint nobody got time for that

Read the terms and conditions? :eek: What terms and conditions??? :eek: If all else fails read the terma and conditions . . . :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Some of them are so long, I wonder if I am giving away my rights to my firstborn or signing myself into slavery…

Its not a sin at all but its pretty stupid! Its hard to complain about anything later that is covered by the terms and conditions.

nope bc that stuff is easy to fight in court

I wouldn’t necessarily say the companies want you to read them so much as they want you to acknowledge them and be bound by them.

Clicking the “I agree” button does not so much mean you went over everything with a fine tooth comb as it means you accept whatever service/goods you are receiving with whatever strings they have attached.

What if it says, “I have read the terms and conditions and agree blah, yadda-yadda, blah.”

What I do is basically skim them by reading the first sentences since I don’t understand half the stuff, anyway, and that way I don’t feel like I’m lying when I attest to the fact that I have done some reading. (I have been cured of about 90% of my scrupulosity, but some remains.)

Although it is not my view, I have heard and seen others contend that it is the venial sin of lying to click a “I have read…” button without actually having read it.

I suspect that is what the OP was asking.

I’ve wondered too if it’s a sin, especially seeing as you often have to click a little box saying you have read the terms and conditions. However I think this might not be a sin because you’re not actually lying to anyone (well, maybe yourself but that’s a different kettle of fish)

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