How many of you guys frequent bars?


Do you find it a good place to meet people?


It doesn’t seem to be a healthy environment.


Surely all bars aren’t created equally?


I guess but I can see how they can attract a bad crowd.


Yeah, I go to bars. But I don’t go there to date or make friends.


I’ve made plenty of friends at bars. They’re all not catholic but I’ve made some good business/music connections. Used to find dates from bars. Learned from those mistakes early on


What? I frequented bars for 31 years, with badge and gun. Rarely was it due to peace, harmony or “love at first sight.” Oh, you can meet Mr. Right - unfortunately, his first name is “Always.” :scream:

Better to meet a guy at Church - you can be fairly certain that he doesn’t think that he is God…


Not really. The bar isn’t the place I go to meet people or eat/drink by myself. It’s the place I go with friends and family when we’re in the mood. That hasn’t been the case for a while now, though.


Ha. I suffer from alwaysright-itis


It’s the place where I go when I’m craving some social interaction and I don’t want to call up my friends to hang out.


Take dance classes if you are trying to meet the opposite sex and then just go dancing all of the time. I am not talking about club dancing but partner dancing like swing dancing or something like that. Find something you like to do (e.g., bowling or taxidermy) and do that with others and you will find friends with common interests and something to talk about.


That’s a good idea but I’m the definition of an awkward dancer. I have a ton of fun on the dance floor but I’m a sight for sore eyes


Music recitals?


Nothing wrong with going to a bar and having a drink with friends.
Now, there are all kind of bars and some you should stay away from.
My grandfather owned and operated a bar. My father did for a short time.
My brother did for most of his life. They were all bars you could take
your mother or your daughter to.


My mom won’t step foot in a bar. Doesn’t matter the type. But I get your point.


That’s an old school way of looking at things. One of the bars down the street from here had a separate “ladies entrance” on the side, before it got renovated into a millennial hangout.


Where my mom grew up, there were about 2 bars per block and many of them were more like family restaurants that happened to have a bar attached to them.


Ah the good ole days


Why is this question only directed to guys? I’ve probably been in a hundred bars.


It isn’t. I’m sorry. I was using “guys” in the plural and in the colloquial meaning everyone

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