How many of you say the liturgy of the hours and how many

its a vocations thread because people who take religious vocations are I’m pretty sure required to take it

I will have to pray it at seminary required to say two hope to say four I don’t have to say all 5 till I get ordained a deacon.

There are 5 pillars of the liturgy of the hours

Morning Prayer
Midday prayer
Evening prayer
Night Prayer
office of readings

I’m pretty sure all priest have to save all 5 prayers daily.

Seminarians are required to say morning nd evening the other 3 are optional


I say them all. Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline and OOR.

They are a great blessing for me.

God bless.

I can’t vote on the polls yet, but I pray four of the Hours: Morning, OoR, Evening and Night.

There are also three “little hours” in addition to Lauds, Vespers, Compline and OoR.

I think priests have to say all seven hours

I pray the Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer.

Years ago I started out with Morning and Evening Prayer, but since acquiring the four-volume LOTH I have added the other two.

I’m trying to say Lauds and Compline, but all I have for a resources (for the short-term) is my computer, and something about using the computer to prayer doesn’t quite connect. I just need a book I guess.

“Shorter Christian Prayer” would be a good one for you. I believe it is only about 10 or 12 dollars.

It contains Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer.

Thanks for the tip, but I already have a copy of the liturgy on order from EWTN (one-volume). I just have to wait for it to get here.

Great! :slight_smile:

i didn’t know about this

my deacon friend told me there are 5 pillars of the liturgy of the hours.

he could be wrong but, in the breviary there are 5 prayers, morning midday evening night and OoR

Haha even vote across the board when I posted this…

My parish education director gave me a book called Shorter Christian Prayer and it’s liturgy of the hours but only has morning/evening prayer… I normally just pray evening since i’m a night owl :cool:

I eventually want to get the full version.

Office of Readings, Morning [Lauds] , Mid-Morning - Terce [little hour], Afternoon - Sext[little hour], Mid-Afternoon - None[little hour], Evening - Vespers, Night Prayer - Compline.

Hope this helps.

I thought they were a lot to pray at first, but now I cannot imagine missing one hour.

God bless.

I will admit that I am not quite there with my prayer life. I’m still trying to incorporate prayer into my daily life, so I have not yet expanded into set prayers such as these, though I know that many of the orders I have looked at on the web pray them.

Morning and Evening prayer. I was very good at doing this at one point, and then work overwhelmed me and I stopped. Now it’s the holidays, I’m getting back to saying them. They really do make a difference :slight_smile:

Most people who are saying the ‘full’ LOTH would only say one of the little hours, usually at midday. Monastic communities and some other keen individuals might say all three of the little hours, but this is not compulsory or typical. The divine office is an excellent way to punctuate the day, one way or the other.


I hope that by my posts I made the remark that saying all the hours was compulsory either directly or indirectly.

And lest anyone think that I did, this is not what I meant.

I just say them all becuase of my life is more contemplative in nature and I have the time to dedicate to prayer and things of that nature.

God bless.

Before beginning work for the day: Morning Prayer from the Divine Office
After work for the day: Evening Prayer from The Divine Office
Before retiring:** Night Prayer from The Divine Office**

Not my only times of prayer in a day, but the only times of prayer from The Divine Office and works better for me as above than by the clock - and I find structuring prayer times around the duties during the day works better for me than by the clock.

I thought you said that it was compulsory for priests to pray all the Offices. As OCarm pointed out that is not so. Those bound to pray the full Office pick one of the Mid-day prayers, they are not bound to pray all three of them.

I never said it was cumpulsory for priests to do so, becuase it is not.

That was said in post #4 by Starsmurf.

God bless.

Sorry about that.

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