How many prophets from the Old Testament era are we not even aware of?

Something that came to my mind is that we only really ever refer to prophets who are named in the canonical Old Testament. I wonder in that case if it is possible Christ actually in some of his words that seem to have no prophetic inspiration from an Old Testament prophet could in fact been based on tradition of his time, perhaps the words of a prophet we have now forgotten.
This came to mind when I was reading about Honi the Circle Drawer, and how 99.9% of Christians have probably never even heard of him. And for those who probably haven’t heard of this.

You may have a point. There are books of in the Bible that refer to prophets that are not named. I believe the Book of Malachi is named for a prophet whose name we do not know (if I recall correctly, Malachi is a title, not a personal name).

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The Old Testament seems to indicate that there are many prophets whose names we don’t know. I think the way to look at it though is to look at the doctrine of the inspiration of scripture. Those prophets would have proclaimed the word of God to Israel and Judah; however, they may have either carried a message that did not need to be handed down to us, perhaps the message was limited in scope and application, or what is more likely the case, their message can be summarized by the proclamation of those prophets whom we know of from the scriptures and it was not required to hand down more material than what we have. The third option is that, though there are undoubtedly many faithful prophets that we don’t know of, the Old Testament indicates that many of the prophets of those days were actually false prophets. Amos and Jeremiah for example speak of prophets who prophesied whatever the people’s ears wanted to hear. Key thing here is that the Holy Spirit has handed down to us what we need. This idea seems to be in accord with 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

I would be pretty confident that God’s prophets are all recorded in the Hebrew Bible.
There were people getting around and claiming to be prophets in Old and New Testament times.

There were many healers getting around too, this is one reason why Christ’s healing acts did not always stand out.

I could be mistaken but in the book of Kings, which one of the four I am not positive but doesn’t it say there were thousands of prophets at one time?

Here is a chart of the prophets , pretty good summary. It links Old Testament verses, to read later :slight_smile:

This is precisely why I don’t think it is limited to the Old Testament. Jesus, as a Jew, would have recognized these prophets as well.

I once wondered if the name Uriel was in the Bible and it is, in a genealogy. Always wondered who that was…

Uriel is in my Bible from Baronius Press, however the book isn’t considered scripture but useful to read. Uriel is the angel who comes to Ezra in 4 Esdras; which along with 3 Esdras and the Prayer of Manasseh are in the appendix.

Jeremiah 23: 9-40 prophecy lies

Also weren’t judges sometimes called prophets in the Book of Judges? Also in the Book of Joshua the term is used. Is there a distinction between different kinds of prophets? I believe Deborah was called a prophetess.

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