How many Protestant denominations are there?

Apparently you cannot estimate 40,000. So, how many?

Depends on how you define denomination.

I would say roughly one. I mean, what’s the difference?

A Christian ecclesial community not in full communion with the Bishop of Rome.

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I think the article said around 200 were in the U.S.

A good Catholic view you have there!

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Thanks! Care to participate in this most ‘seeming mysterious’ question?

I’m a proponent of the several thousand number because I consider each non-denominational Church pastor to be the leader of his/her own denomination.


What make a group of churches a “ecclesial community” ? Some churches may belong to different groups of churches.

What’s the definition of “Christian”? If a group self identifies as Christian?

As far as your question, why do you think the answer is important? If the number is 40,000 or 400 or 36, does it really make a difference?

I will.

Now I need to sleep.

I normally think this is an American things yet I found that down from our street there is a Church?

I honestly wonder how this is counted. Should I count these people? I doubt they even know who Martin Luther is?

Honestly, I have no idea. But I know it’s not the 33,000+ that’s been purported.


How do you know?

many. the protestant church is like shattered glass


A lot of people don’t know who Martin Luther is.

I had a discussion back in my college days, where my friend insisted that Martin Luther was the civil rights activist, Martin Lutheran was the founder of Lutheranism.


The same source that claims there are 30,000+ denominations also says there are denominations within Catholicism. Obviously something is wrong there.


That’s one source. There is another source from a Protestant seminary that estimated there are 47,000 different denominations.

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Okay you got my respect there! Not sure many even looked further into that falacy!

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It also depends on your definition of Protestant. It doesn’t necessarily mean non-Catholic Christian. There are denominations that are neither Catholic nor Protestant.

Such as?..

Maybe I’ll look for some sources tomorrow. I’ve never seen it supported that there are actually 33,000+ denominations when “denomination” is defined as a particular ecclesiastical community which is separated from Rome. But I suppose I also haven’t looked very hard.


I appreciate how fair and honest you are! :innocent:

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