How many Protestant denominations are we up to now?

I’ve hear 13,000 different Protestant sects and growing daily. Does this sound accurate? Just why is this if Protestantism is the one true faith as many assert? :confused:

Other then those “pesky” details concerning Doctrine and Theology, its the fact that there are so many different protestant faiths that have slightly different versions of Christianity, that I am a Catholic Christian.:thumbsup:

Not sure. Why are there so many different Catholic denominations. I could list dozens.

But of course all of this relates back to the fact that Rome went into schism against the other 4 Patriarchs and the apostolic church. They (Rome) had new doctrines revealed to them and so on. This led to schisms from Roman schisms (eg Lutherans and Anglicans) and later schisms from schisms of the schisms (Methodists from Anglicans).

All I can say is that I am sure the CC meant well but it wrought so much division when they left the apostolic church. The bible talks about the children’s teeth being set on edge by the errors of the parent. So to answer your questions, their are so many Protestant denominations because of Rome intiating schism from the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Hope that helps :wink:

Rev North

Here is a link. If you scroll dwon you can find a partial list of Catholic denominations.

As I say, I am sure Rome meant well but through its own schism it set the stage for all of the Catholic schisms and Protestant schisms.

Rev North

Not hardly. Re-invented history and personal erroneous opinion never helps.

hope that helps:rolleyes:

Why are there so many different Catholic denominations. I could list dozens.

Actually, you couldn’t count any since there are no “denominations” within the Catholic Church. Even your link states your “denominations” are not part of the Catholic Church.

However, there are several Rites within the Catholic Church - and they are all in agreement with Rome.

Then try not to do it and stick to facts. :wink:

Rev North {PS It is okay. You have one version of history and I another. Both backed by facts. Such is the complexity of life and belief}

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