How many readings did they do at your easter vigil

simple question how many readings including the old testimate readings and the epistle (please don’t include the gospel in your number) did your parish do.

I think the minimum is 4 3 from the OT and the epistle my parish did this

I know my magnificat had 7 plus the epistle so 8

the pope mentioned that the norm was fixed at 7 and depending on the local situation it can be reduced to 3

so did you have 8 or 4

We had 4 and for the first time in all my years of being a reader I got to read the Creation reading from Genesis. I also got to sing the Psalm after the reading from Exodus.

The visiting priest we had providing pastoral services for us this week is sick and elderly so it wasn’t a bad decision to only have 4. The poor man was unable to prostrate himself yesterday, and had not been able to give out Communion at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper and the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion.

Tonight he managed to give out Communion because we had only about 50 people at the Vigil. Like good Catholics everywhere, they firmly believe in 'the first shall be last and the last shall be first" so the first 5 rows of pews were empty save for 3 people and the the last 3 or 4 rows held the most people.

Three readings plus the epistle, and the Vigil was over in 90 minutes. :frowning: Quite a disappointment; I’ll need to find another parish to attend for next year’s vigil.

I do not attend the Easter Vigil but I do attend Holy Thursday and Good Friday services and the program book includes the readings and music for all 3 liturgies. I counted…including the Gospel there were 9 readings. The program for the Vigil was 17 pages long!!

I’ve been a member of many parishes throughout the last 35 years, 25 as part of a military family. The ones that did all 7 readings were few and far between. That’s why when we started planning the Vigil with a new pastor in 2002, I was pleasantly suprised when, upon being asked which readings he wanted us to do at the Vigil, he replied, “Is there any reason we can’t do them all??” Yay!! The rare time I’d experienced all 7 had been times I’d convincingly argued for it in the face of serious opposition.

i’m not sure but I think i will experience all 7 (8) next year I will be attending the benedictine monastery in Covington LA well just outside its actually called st Benedict LA. The abbey there is amazing, and I suspect it will be all 7 readings, I’ve heard amazing things about this Mass can’t wait.

5! Creation, Abraham, Exodus, Isaiah, Epistle.

And the Gospel :wink:

Father said this morning that he was only adding one extra reading this year. I think this Mass runs a little past his bedtime, and then he must be up early in the morning to celebrate the early morning Masses. As near as I can remember, there was one from Exodus, one from Isaiah, the Epsitle, and the Gospel.

Our Mass was beautiful in its simplicity. Not rushed, not extravagant (although if there is ever at time for extravagance…this is it!) We had a baptism this year, and the Litany of the Saints was beautiful.

It was only 90 minutes, but I didn’t leave feeling cheated or rushed. I was there for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, for the Good Friday Service, and now for the Easter Vigil. It was a fitting conclusion to a beautiful three days.

Happy Easter!

They did 4 Old Testament readings, and then the Epistle which is 5 altogether. The Vigil lasted from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.!


(Looks at Spirithound’s location. Did we go to the same church? Or do all London churches do 5 readings? :cool: :wink: )

I didn’t feel shortchanged by having 4 OT readings, not at all. The whole thing ran to just under 2.5 hours, but it didn’t feel that long: it felt like it was about an hour, if that. It flew by! The whole Vigil was beautiful. :thumbsup:

Here at FUS they do them all! Vigil started at 8:45 and wrapped up at midnight

My location has caused just a little bit of confusion. I’m in London, Canada :wink:

All the readings. Only one of the Responsories though (the one after Exodus).

In my territorial Church there were 6 Old Testament readings (Baruk was skipped). The first 4 was extended with music, songs and other messages inserted so the total time was 90 minutes for the readings.

I didn’t attend the Easter Vigil in my parish, but Holy Thursday and Good Friday readings were bundled together with the Easter Vigil readings in a parish-produced missalette I used on Good Friday. I believe it was four, but it may have been five.

I’ve always wondered why we did fewer readings. I know our priests (two) have several Masses on Easter Sunday – so perhaps that’s why?

8 readings. Vigil was about 2 and a half hours long.

All the readings plus all the responsorial psalms. The mass lasted around 4 hours, yes 4 hours and the church was packed to the end. I love my parish! :thumbsup:

SEVEN I think. 5 from OT, plus ALL the responsorial psalms in between. Then the Epistle from Romans, and the Gospel. We skipped the readings from Baruch and Ezekiel. We got through Isaiah though.

We did everything in my missal except the first Isaiah reading. I totally love Easter Vigil! We have a new “pastor” (not finished his first year yet, so is officially the parish administrater - but he’s definitely our pastor), and in addition to all the joy usually present, he brought even more as he celebrated his first Easter Vigil in the position of pastor. He’s a singer, so it was great. We also had three baptisms and 10 confirmations. I’m on the RCIA team, so Easter Vigil Mass is the highlight of the year in more ways than one.

We did them all, climaxing with our pastor singing the gospel. In my whole life I’ve only attended one vigil were all the readings were not read. Our service was 2 1/2 hours long and we had no one been received into the church or confirmed.

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