How many SSPX followers would change churches?


Just a question.

IF (and a big if) the MP creates a bona fide TLM using the old missal, how many SSPX members would leave and start going to the other masses.

In asking this of myself, I am really not sure. Only time will tell I suppose.


Do you ask this question assuming that the SSPX chooses not to be “reconciled” with the Church, so that the question more correctly would state:

"IF (and a big if) the MP creates a bona fide TLM using the old missal, and the SSPX status remains “irregular and unreconciled”, how many SSPX members would leave and start going to the other masses. "

I’m not trying to change your poll, just trying to clarify what you’re asking. :o


I am referring to the individual faithful … not the heirachy. I hope that explains what i mean. What you have added could take months, or years to sort out.


I think Pope Benedict XVI wants to bring the SSPX back into communion with Rome. The MP is the first step according to a few sources. I don’t see any insurmountable issues that the Church and the SSPX can’t iron out.

I’m not SSPX, but if I was, and I felt Rome was reaching out to me, I would not leave the SSPX. The SSPX, from what I can tell, are the traditionalists’ … traditionalists

The MP will be more than just a universal indult.
It will be an opportunity for catholics to resume devotion on a level seldom seen nowadays.

The SSPX never let it die. I go to their web site and see Catholics in these times, living as a devout Catholic may have in 1915, perhaps reading their copy of Fr. Lasances’ “With God”.

I can not and will not attend an SSPX Mass right now. Not until they are fully reunited with Rome. But I thank God for them.


I would not be a catholic had I not been led to that little SSPX church in Sydney. That is not saying anything other than seeing no difference in my Anglican services and a NO Mass… Not that it is not valid.

I and a lot of other parishoners pray every day for the re-concilliation. I travel past 20 catholic churches to get to mine. I was only really asking that is the opening up of the TLM would see a decline in the attendance because we could get to a closer church, or would we remain loyal to where we go now.


I can not and will not attend an SSPX Mass right now. Not until they are fully reunited with Rome.

And how will you know this?

Not trying to be a SA but let’s face it, every bit of good news surrounding this organization is constantly countered with a ton of slanders and reminders about the Archbishop. They have a stigma which won’t be removed overnight. And I don’t see people like Pete Vere and Stephen Hand removing the contents of their websites if anything positive comes from the negotiations, do you?

But maybe I’ll be proven wrong. I certainly hope so.


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I personally have no problem attending a Mass other than one celebrated by the SSPX, but with the condition that priest is not a liberal/modernist, and everything is done with reverence.

I often attend an FSSP Mass when I am traveling (last Sunday, for example). I have always been very impressed with the priest and the sermon. I also love the Mass at St. John Cantius in Chicago. I don’t attend an SSPX mass because it says SSPX on the sign, but because it is one of the only choices in the area.

Personally, I will attend a Traditional Mass anywhere as long as the priest is not liberal and it is done with the proper reverence. Why these two requirements? Because, like it or not, we are influenced by the priest (good or bad), and lack of reverence is damaging to our personal piety and faith.

In a crisis such as we have today, when Rome allows the wolves to do as they please, our first duty is to protect our faith.

Don Gueranger: “When the shepherd turns into a wolf, the first duty of the flock is to defend itself. As a general rule, doctrine comes from the bishops to the faithful, and it is not for the faithful, who are subjects in the order of faith, to pass judgment on their superiors. but every Christian by the virtue of his title to the name Christian, has not only the necessary knowledge of the essentials of the treasure of Revelation, but also the duty of safeguarding them. The principle is the same, whether it is a matter of belief or conduct, that is of dogma or morals” (The Liturgical Year).


Although I became a Catholic because of the SSPX and the traditional mass and full devotional parish life it offers and generally only attend the traditional mass, I am happy to attend a valid traditional mass whether it is SSPX or FSSP or indult. I would certainly not stop attending SSPX masses if the traditional mass became more generally available, but I would probably attend regular parish traditional masses more often, given that I travel a lot in my work.


Well, if they are reconciled, it’ll make the news.

As far as the stigma, I dunno. Frankly, I didn’t know they existed until I returned to the church last December. I had no idea the post Vatican II era was, well, what it is. I’m not familiar with Vere and Hand, but I’ll google them.

Perhaps I don’t know as much about them(SSPX) as I need to, so to form an educated opinion of them, but right now, I just admire their determination to preserve basic tradition and devotion.

In the mean time…

Bear with me Bob. I’ll start makin sense some day :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy your posts. You are one of many on CA I respect, so feel free to throw a virtual cyber slap my way when I’m strayin off course :wink:


Specifically what slanders are committed against the SSPX?


I have recently started attending a local indult mass instead of the sspx mass out of concern of the sspx’s perceived schism. Some sspx folks are good catholics doing the best they can and look foward to reconciliation with rome, others think the sspx is the church. The new nod toward traditionalists like myself is sure to boost the confidents of many, others will never trust rome.


Thanks for the vote of confidence, it means a lot. I won’t lose the faith, at least not today. :slight_smile: And I certainly hope others won’t lose theirs either.


none. why would they want to change and go to other Masses? if they wanted to go, they’d be going with or without a Motu Proprio. As far as i know, all the ones i know in the SSPX would not go to other churches. they are quite happy where they are.


I know of several people who attend the SSPX or independent chapels simply because there is no indult near them.

Whenever indults have been grabted in areas previously dominated by the SSPX, many of the attendees of the SSPX Masses switch to the indult.


Oh, I don’t know Bob. California Jesuits have a stigma (they are the most “cafeteria” of the clergy in my experience), but we go on worshiping with them side-by-side. :stuck_out_tongue:


wonder why that is? indult meaning the fssp?


Indult meaning any TLM approved by the Diocese, which would include Diocesan priests willing to celebrate the TLM, the FSSP, the ICRSS, and other traditional priestly societies.

You should not wonder at that. Many people go to the SSPX Masses simply because their Diocese has not granted “wide and generous application” of the Traditional Mass.


seems to me like i am wondering alot of things lately…


I’ve been wondering about that. So there are Traditional SSPX and there are those who might be “liberal SSPX” who embrace Rome ? Schism !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll say one thing for them. They can sing !


I’m not SSPX, but when they are reconciled with Rome I would be glad to attend one of their masses.

However, from some of the stuff I’ve read on their own websites, some may not be coming back, even if SSPX is reconciled.

But then again they probably had their bad attitude thinking there would never any overtures from the Holy Father about this. Perhaps the MP may be a good way to melt some of the ice. :thumbsup:

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