How Many Times A Month Should We Go To Church?

What is a good amount of times for someone to attend Catholic church per month ?

Every Sunday and holy day of obligation as a minimum of course. So a bit more than 4 on average. But I would say it’s a good idea to go at least on other time a week for adoration/daily mass/adult Ed. So 8-10 is a good starting point.

There’s no maximum unless you’re quitting you job and leaving your kids to starve to go to church more, or something outlandish like that.


Absolutely correct. Try to go as much as you can! God bless!


OP, what is your religion?
Were you raised Catholic, or Protestant, or were you raised “nothing” and are just starting to learn about Christianity?

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Minimum should be every Sunday and Holy Days

When I’m at college I go 6 days a week to mass, since I go to daily mass Monday through Friday and then Sunday mass. Sometimes I go to two Sunday masses.

When I’m not at college I go every Sunday and then usually once during the week, there is a 6:00pm near my house one day during the week and they have confession after so I go there when I can.

So I’d say if it’s a month I’m not at college (like summer or winter break) I go probably 10 times to mass that month, not including Adoration or confession which I also do when able. If we are talking about a month when I’m at college (like during the semester), I’d say 24-25 masses depending if there are any Holy Days, also not including Adoration, just masses in this.

If we are talking Adoration, masses, and confession included as well as religious functions, I probably do 60+ visits to church at college and 15-20 times when I’m not at college

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My parish priest made this analogy one time:
If they were handing out free gold bricks every morning, what would be a good amount of times per month to go to collect them? :grin: :wink:

Mass is an intimate relationship, a slice of heavenly eternity. Receive the heavenly food when you can. If your goal is only what is required in order to be “good,” then you must attend on sundays and holy days of obligation.


Every Sunday (Saturday Evening Vigil is also acceptable) and on Holy Days.

More often if you can, but it’s not required.

  1. Four sundays in a month. With a few holy days of obligation thrown in throughout the year. And daily Mass is advisable if you desire more.
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Of course, a few months every year have 5 Sundays. :slight_smile:


If possible we should attend 56 to 62 times a month since we are allowed to receive Holy Communion twice each day! The Holy Eucharist is a precious treasure that infinitely surpasses anything else in eternity or the entire universe!
In reality, I find it a struggle to attend daily but set daily Mass and Holy Communion as my first priority along with weekly confession according to my confessor’s sound advice.
Give us this week our daily bread?
We can also attend church if it’s open to practice Eucharistic Adoration, pray the Rosary, pray Novenas, practice Christian meditation, and simply be with the Lord.

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What are your obligations? For example:

 - are you working full time?
 - are you supporting, or co-supporting a family?
 - are you raising children?
 - are you raising children with special needs who aren't able to sit or attend for long?
 - do you do volunteer work?
 -when does your job start/end?
 -how close is your parish/how feasible is your transportation there?

All of these are factors which will affect your Mass attendance. The obligation minimum is every Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation. The recommendation is “as often as you can”. What that means to you is going to be different than what it means to anyone else. It will also change over your lifetime.

There really is no “correct” answer other than to fulfill the obligation minimum.

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