How many times daily may an EMHC receive?

If an EMHC attends Mass and receives Communion on a Sunday and subsequently in the same day conducts multiple sessions of the Liturgy of the Word with Communion (in the absence of a priest or deacon), may he or she self-communicate the Eucharist at each and every subsequent Communion celebration?

No. There is no reason at all why an extraordinary minister of holy Communion (EMHC) needs to receive Communion when he is taking Communion to the homebound. He should be aware that he is not conducting a “quasi-Mass” – which may be why he seems to be thinking of himself as a “celebrant” who “needs” to receive – but is providing an opportunity for homebound Catholics to hear Scripture and to receive Communion.

An EMHC is like any other layperson who may receive Communion twice per day, so long as the second Communion occurs within participation in a Mass. If, after the second reception, he becomes in danger of death, he may receive a third time, even outside of Mass.

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