How many types of Christian are there?


There are so many types of Christianity, I cant count them! Exactly how many types of Christianity are there, and what are they, and what is their history?:confused:


I agree with you, it is difficult to count the denomination the Christians have. Why they don’t unite to form one United Christendom? That would make it simple to understand it.


That would be nice,and thats the way it used to be. But there are disagreements between different types of Christian, and they believe slightly different things.Lutherans belief in justification without good deeds, Mormons believe God came from another planet, Catholics believe in the intercession of Saints…There are lots of types of Christian, all believing slightly different things,and so it cant be a united Christendom anymore.


I know that Catholics here think that they are absolutely true and they leave on room for any truth that would be in other Christian denominations, hower rational, reasonable and logical their argument would be, they would just shut their ears and won’t listen to their arguments, please don’t mind. That is the main hurdle, I think, in the way of a United Christendom.
I respect your religion. I love Jesus and Mary.


Quite simply, there are two kinds; Catholic and non-Catholic. A ‘united’ Church exists now, always has, always will, and that is the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church. There is not a Catholic Mystical body and a Protestant Mystical body, and an Orthodox and so on. Everyone who is validly baptised, is baptised a Catholic.
Of course, among the Heretics, schismatics and quasi-Christian sects there are over 57,000 denominations (I think that’s what the World Council of Churches estimates).


I’m a Catholic too and I love Catholichism.We should respect other beliefs though, and members of other demonitions love Jesus too, just as much as we do…Is there really that many demonitions?


I respect Islam too and I think everyone should.If we all respected each other, the world would be a much nicer place.


I agree with you.
Is your personal website a discussion forum?


No,its just a Christian site on matmice.


Thank you very much.


Here is an interesting site. It lists all kinds of statistics and info about world religions.

I shows the CC with 1.1 billion. The CC puts it’s active membership at 1.4 billion.

The Eastern Orthocox Church is abot 225 million. The CC consideres them to be ‘near Catholic’.

There are 2.4 Billion Christians in the world. All non-Catholic/Orthodox denominations account for about 775 million Christians. I’ve seen estimations of 30,000 sects to the high number of 57,000 sects.

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