How many wives did Joseph Smith have?


I sort of wondered if there was ever an official count. Some were married to men he had sent off, convienently, on missions. Do they count? Others were rather young even by the standards of the time. I’ve always had a mistrust of prophets who get “special” deals from God when it comes to money, women, and power. So is there an official tally of all his wives?


34 official wives, including 11 women who were already married to other men when Joseph took them for himself. This does not count any women he had affairs with but never married.

Read the list and biographies of each wife here.

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He was a busy prophet. Do any of our Mormon guests care to comment on this?


this is what exists in the public records of the LDS church:


Any LDS I have ever asked about the many wives of Joseph Smith said that the Heavenly Father told him to. Actually, Emma didn’t believe her hubby, she was very much against his taking new wives. When she became irate, Joseph had a prophesy from Heavenly Father who told Joseph that if Emma didn’t accept the new wives, she would go to outer darkness. After Joseph died, Emma and her son started another “leg” of the LDS religion. The Reformed LDS. Poligamy was not acceptable. My friend s’(they are LDS) hubby told me it was necessary to take many wives in order for the church to grow at the rate Heavenly Father wished it to grow. Those who are serious LDS and even those who are just afraid to leave the church always find a “reason” for Joseph Smith’s behavior. There is a great fear that has been instilled, that is, those who leave LDS will go to outer darkness for all eternity. It is the worst of all sins. Takes a strong person to have his/her name removed from the LDS roll.

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He married women who all ready had living husbands???
I’m sorry, but that really, really, makes me want to throw up…Do we know how many of these women were actually willing??

OK, maybe I don’t want to know…This is seriously TMI.


When I was growing up Mormon, surprisingly, I never knew that JS had other wives. Most of us assumed it was a practice brought to Utah by Brigham Young in order to care for a surplus of women who had crossed the plains and lost their husbands on the way.

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I am sure that most mormons don’t know have the stuff about JS that they should know…:frowning:

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