How many women here wear a headcovering to Novus Ordo Mass?

I do- (wear a mantilla or hat) and i would say from observation in my parish that out of 100 women none wear a headcovering. It is at times awkward and I do get stares sometimes but I do it only out of respect and love for our Lord. I also genuflect before recieving on the tongue- only 3 of 200 people (average genuflect) before receiving in my parish. What are your novus ordo parishes like? Thanks everyone!

I do not go to the NO, but I just wanted to commend you on your reasons for wearing a mantilla. You are showing Our Lord an act of humility and He will bless you and shower you with many graces because of it.

God Bless…

There are on average three or so women who wear headcoverings at the Novus Ordo in my church, maybe a few more at the Latin Novus Ordo. I’ve worn one only a handful of times. It’s hard to keep it on, I find it to be a distraction, and I have enough distractions with the baby. It’s an additional distraction to feel like I’m sticking out in the crowd (which I already feel like I do because my husband does not accompany me to mass, so I’m a woman alone with a baby… :rolleyes: ). I’ve been thinking about finding a better solution to the mantilla which although I think is very pretty, is a bit too eye catching. Whatever I end up doing, I have to make it so the baby doesn’t grab it and pull it off of my head…

I do.

Hello Everyone!

About two years ago I began to wear a veil/mantilla to liturgy ( I am of the Byzantine Rite, so our liturgy is that of St. John Chrysostom). I began to do this when I ran across an article on the net about how the wearing of head coverings in church was , first of all called for by St. Paul in 1 Corinthians,and is included and never directly removed from, Canon law. Secondly, it was upheld by every Christian woman, including Our Lady, for centuries until the feminist movement of the 1960’s. Lastly, I began to understand the wearing of the veil as a sign of the sacredness of our feminine vocation. Holy things are veiled. For example, the Holy of Holies, the tabernacle. Why? It is because something mystical happens there. Something mystical happens within a woman when she concieves another human within her, and, with God’s grace, she assists Him in delivering a man into the world. We women have an awsome mission. In no way is this veil a negative thing! It shows my cooperation with the Almighty and I am happy to wear it.

Since I began to wear the veil,(remember that at that time only about 3 of 200 parishioners did so, and they were grandmothers) many other women decided to do so as well, and now about 15 out of that same 200 do so. About 12 of these are under 40 years old, including my daughters who are 12, 4, and 4(twins). I attended a conference for Byzantine families last summer and was thrilled and surprised to find many other young families who adopted the practice as well!

By the way, I sewed combs into the front of the veils so that they would stay on our heads. The twins also have veils with a barrette sewn onto the front, so that they are no more “uncomfortable” than if they were wearing a bow.

Thanks for letting me share!
God Bless!


Frankly I never bothered to count. To each her own. :rolleyes: I am usually too busy adoring the Lord and participating in Mass to be a reverence patrol officer.

I am a hat person, so when I am in the mood and wearing the right dress, I often wear a hat to Mass.

I would love to wear a mantilla to the NO Mass I go to, but I would be the only one there to do so, and I’m not yet brave enough! I would feel conspicuous if other people stared at me.

I do wear one to the TLM on the few occasions where I am fortunate enough to access one.

Thank you so much for this post!

I have a mantilla and wore it often, but got out of the habit in recent months in struggling to find a new parish where I’m not going to get angry looks just for being humble and obeying God.(or get told to stop praying during the Eucharist cause its a time for community) Sad, how awful the parish is, since it is the parish for the 5,000 Catholic college students in the area.

Thankfully, I have found a parish that is much much better and will definitely be getting my mantilla out again. I hate that I stopped wearing it. Not sure why I stopped.

To answer, at the parish there are a few older women who wear a veil or hat. Not very many. But I can tell no one is going to spend mass judging me for it. There are several Sisters there also in full dress.

I know not all women feel compelled to wear a veil or mantilla, and I think its a personal matter between them and God. I prayed for a long time over whether or not I should wear one. God gave me the answer and I must obey(I pray he forgives me for stopping). Maybe other women get different answers.

Cathedral parish here and no, I am not a member of the reverence patrol, I sing in the choir in the choir loft in the back of the cathedral. None with the exception of Christmas and Easter when you will see a few.

I wear one to the LATIN MASS but occasionally to the NO mass. I feel confused about this, having spent my childhood with a headcovering and then: “TA-DA! We don’t need to wear it anymore” and now I see it is still required at our Latin masses. I wish everyone, male and female had to wear a headcovering like the Jews did (and still do in some cases). So many of our church traditions come from the Jewish culture, I wonder why men are not required. A little beanie or yamulke would be fine; scarves, veils or hats for the women. Priests and bishops wear headcoverings yet laymen do not. Forgive me. I do not wish to sound disobedient or disrespectful. Just practical. And wishing for less confusion.

Tip to the mom with the baby: Try a round chapel veil (8-inch diameter) and pin it on towards the back of your head. We used to wear those in school. Wear a fun scarf around your neck to distract the tot.

I do not.

I have mentioned it to my wife. She told me that at this time she chooses to carry a different cross. The reason my wife says that it is a cross to carry is the fact that she would definately be persecuted for wearing it.

mantillas and headcoverings are very very foreign around this neck of the woods. I have NEVER in my 40 years seen ONE SINGLE headcovering in my diocese or the other dioceses in my state. In fact the only time I have ever seen a mantilla was when I attended a baptism in Lincoln.


May I ask exactly how God revealed to you that you personally should wear this headcovering? I’d be interested in hearing your story.

just a quick question… as a protestant it is no issue if someone covers or uncovers their heads although when I was younger all the older ladies would wear hats in church…

is the covering of a woman’s head church teaching or not? I mean why would St. Paul feel he should direct on the matter… is it a matter of choice or does the Bible/canon law decide?

also to support the person who asked earlier… why don’t men have to wear one like the jews do?

take care, S x

It was this past summer, as I was consuming everything Catholic I could to better understand everything. I came across a document about headcovering. About how it began and stopped and everything. It made me start thinking about it and wondering if its really what God wanted women to do. So, I began to pray to God about it, every day during my daily prayers, to ask him if I, personally, should wear one to mass. Along the way I found the verse in Corinthians about headcovering and talked to my mom about it. Her interperation of the verse was that women should have longer hair then men because it is their covering and protection. I came to think that either interpreatation could be correct. But, personally, I felt a heaviness on my heart about it. During the rosary one day I heard my answer, in the way only God talks to me. Which I wish could be put into words. So, I began to wear a scarf over my head during private prayer and during mass. I later bought a mantilla. Once, I even refused to sit in the church during mass because I had forgot my mantilla. I know that may sound incredibly stupid to many, but the voice of God in my head made it impossible to stay where I was. I sat in the little glass room in the back and experianced one of the best masses I have attended as of yet. I had a wonderful sense that I had obeyed God and He was pleased with me listening to Him.

I understand most women who are not wearers of a veil may believe my story as simply me wanting to and believing God told me too wear one. Being raised Baptist, I’d never heard of covering my head before. I know in my heart its what God wants of me, and I don’t worry about whether he wants everyone else to do it too. For me, its obeying a command God has given to me. I will not question or refuse to do it just because some people think differently about it. I find, when I wear a covering, I am get more from mass and am able to pay attention better than without.

Its my personal revelation, and I don’t expect all women to seek out the answer like I have. Or, to all get the same answer as I did when they do seek it out. I like to think that God knows we are all individuals. So, depending upon that is how He determines what answers He gives to us. There are different ways to obey and worship God. Different ways to show our obediance and belief. I’m a quiet person, not one to jump around telling everyone. Sometimes, I can even feel too shy to tell God himself. I prefer to merely let him see my heart rather than constantly tell him about it. For me, its my quiet way of telling Him, and showing Him, of my love and obediance for Him. Other people have different ways of showing Him.

I’m sorry for those who think wearing a veil is somehow to show off or something(as I have met people who think that). I feel sorry that they think the veil has anything to do with them. If there’s anything I hate, its being the center of attention. I’d much rather blend in. But if obeying God means I will not, and may even be persecuted by my own fellow brothers and sisters, I’ll do what I have too.

Sorry for the long rambling, this issue is just very close to my heart and I want people to understand the real reasons why people may do it. Thanks for asking:) Sorry its not anything super amazing.

I always have… and paramedicgirl… I too got strange looks at first, but who cares?? It’s my devotion to God that I’m concerned with, not theirs ! but I have noticed that since I’ve been wearing mine all along, others have started to cover too. Maybe no one wanted to be the first… somebody has to have the cajones (sorry about the bluntness) Wear it with pride, because the only One who matters sees. :thumbsup:

To homewardbound YOU GO GIRL !!! :wink:

Thanks for sharing your story, homewardbound.:slight_smile:

Wear it with pride? That seems like an oxymoron, I thought the whole point was humility?:confused:

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