How moral is this?


Say a student is taking a math test in college and he was struggling in his grades. He has to do geometry problems with formulas by memory. If he fails the test he cant graduate so he secretly writes the formulas down on small yellow stickers that he mixes into his scrap paper to confuse the proffesor to make him think he likes to write notes on yellow paper.

Well he avoids detection and aces the test and gets his degree.

Had he not done this he would surely have failed.

How moral is this? Is he bound by restitution? If so how? Please explain.


It this is you...let it go...and enjoy the fruits of yr life...but...I think you know the answer for your friend, or's called 'cheating' ...I have a golf buddy, one day after playing a round of golf we went to a local burger place to have lunch..when ordering, he told the cashier that he wouild be just having water, so he didn't have to pay for the cup...they have those drink carbonated drink dispensors...he joked to me that he got himself a soda free....and asked me what I thought about it...interestingly..this man could have easily paid for the drink..sounds trite...I told him it was 'stealing'....People know the answers to these questions....if we resort to lieing..stealing and cheating...what are we...we are liars cheaters and theives....maybe somone more eloquant than I can address the restitution issue...not sure how 'your friend' could pull this off....ofcourse..he/she could confess their sin and live on....Pax


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