How more denominations aren't on TV?

When I look at Protestant televangelists, I find that most of them are either: non-denominational with Word of Faith tendencies (Joseph Prince, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, etc.) ,some are baptist (Charles Stanley and some local ones) and Presbyterian (D. James Kennedy). Of course, there’s EWTN as well.

I’m wondering: how come more denominations aren’t on TV? Does these Word of Faith televangelists raise more funds to pay for TV time or they more popular? What do you think?

Maybe they don't feel the need to be on TV.

TV isn't the be-all and end-all for everyone, you know.

True, but it’s due to popularity, I’d think it would be a good way to evangelize. :shrug:

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Does these Word of Faith televangelists raise more funds to pay for TV time


Yes, they pay for their air time, so they have to raise a lot of funds to do so.

Money money money. :frowning:

It takes money to run a TV station or network. It takes money to produce programs. Commercial TV exists on commercials.

On the WORD network, there is a lot of COGIC (Pentecostal). There’s a Messianic Jewish show on Daystar. But the above poster is right, it costs money to get on TV.

Also where there is an identifiable denomination then that denomination's Bishops may think they have to right to do the final edit of that pastor/speaker. Also the denominational corporation will get its cut, at least mine does, of the mega ministries earnings. Maybe its just my local channels but there are a couple of Seventh Day Adventist shows. Christian Scientist and the LDS also have a TV presence.

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