How much ancient Greek philosophy did Judaism "pick up on"?

I know how having been big on ancient Greek philosophy is one of the distinguishing developments which Christianity took which differentiates it from Judaism. Particularly Plato and (more so in Catholicism) Aristotle esp. as interpreted by Thomas Aquinas.

However given attributue like non-Trinitarianism and having a longer history of existing outside of Europe,I’ve wondered just what elements of Rabbinic Judaism are more Hellenic in origin than non-European.

Numerous scholars have studied the period, beginning in the 4th century B.C.E., and have found that Hellenistic (Greco-Macedonian) influence on Judaism was widespread in all domains (the arts, philosophy, politics, law, language, and religion) and within all classes. I would suggest that you read the article about Hellenism and its influence on Jews which can be found online in the Jewish Virtual Library.

I appreciate the suggestion. u Should’ve clued in on how the stuff slightly before the Maccabean Revolt would have an impact.

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