How much control do we really have?

How much control do you think we humans have over our temperament, emotions/feelings, thoughts? If we have the power in us to change the way we think, feel, react, then why do people select to sin? If being a decent human being simply means Love God with Your Heart and Love your neighbor as yourself then why is it difficult for some? Perhaps, I am too lenient on the human race. Part of me, honestly feels we can’t help how sinful we are. Some people believe you can change your weaknesses.I think you can, overtime. My older aunt told us something a long that lines that no matter how old you are will to be wrong, need to corrected and no one is perfect. She usually adds no one is perfect after correcting them. Again, that leads to most grand question of all, if we given the choice to do the right, could we on our own free-will earn our way to heaven?

Then it also interests me that St. Therese of Lisieux over sensitivity changed through prayer. There are saints who confessed before death. Maybe we can’t stop sinning?

If we all had perfect control all the time, there would be no sinners.

No one can be perfect all of the time–people who imply that they are, I feel, have much bigger issues than the people who stumble again and again but are always willing to ask for forgiveness and get back up.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘earn’ your way to heaven by your own free will. But if you are asking if it is possible for a human to live without sin, thus never needing confession or the help of God, then I believe the answer is no.

It seems to be so. Some people’s sins deeply affect them and backfire against them. Some are not as easily bothered. If your transgressions do not bother you mentally, psychologically or physically, better yet if you honestly do not care, why does it matter? For example, if you do not have sympathy for others, how does that hurt the doer? It is interesting, there are others who feel guilt for things they do not even do. Some people carry guilt for years. While others forget in a blink of an eye. Some people forgive & forget easily. Some people never forget, but forgive. Some people struggle to forgive and forget. Some people are closer to perfect than others (intelligent, sense of humour, level-headed, realistic, hardworking, rational/reasonable, understanding, careful, peaceful, friendly, emotionally stable, private, sense of decency,self-aware, mature, moderation, etc), while others struggle in these areas. I ask. Why does God make us so different? Some people’s temperaments are a benefit for them.

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