How much detail is necessary when Confessing to watching Pornography?

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Unfortunately I have recently relapsed into the sin of pornography. I feel ashamed and want to go to Confession this weekend. However, some of the stuff I looked at was very, for lack of a better word, deviant, and while it didn’t depict or encourage sexual practices banned by the Church it did depict very strange and probably sinful non-sexual practices, which I took pleasure in. I suffer from scrupulosity and feel the need to go into detail about the nature of the sinful practices it depicts, but am unsure as to whether I am obligated to do so, especially because I don’t want to make the Priest uncomfortable or tempted. I am also just in general uncomfortable mentioning some of this stuff. How much detail is necessary when confessing pornography, particularly when the detail does not involve sexual sin but others?

I generally go down the list of sins, estimate number of mortal sins. On occasion, I will add a small amount of detail, if a circumstance either increased, or decreased, the severity of the sin.

However, even when I give detail, now, it’s not much. I figure if a priest wants, or needs, more detail, he’ll ask. It’s been rare they ever have.

If one feels compelled, with pornography, to say it was somehow worse, then you could say it was more deviant, and leave it at that. That’s about the extent of what I would offer in confession. I would not go into a detailed description of it all…one thing…because that´s not helpful.

Secondly, because with sexual sins, sometimes, just reciting them, is sort of like reliving them. mentally. So, best to be brief, and to the point, if one is going to confess…in my opinion.


When the priest starts getting impure thoughts and needs to confess…you gave too much detail. :wink: :blush:

i looked at pornography. X times. done.:thumbsup:

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Correct… but if masturbation occurred then that also needs to be confessed.

See Fr Serpa’s answer in How specific in confession?

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