How much devotion can I give to Mary before it becomes worship?


Hi everyone. I am growing in my devotion to Mary and am beginning to love her more and more. The problem I am having is that when I read some of the prayers to her I feel guilty, like I am worshiping her. I come from a protestant background so I expect there to be a little discomfort at first but how far can I go in my devotion to her and still be ok? As an example, one prayer asked Mary to reign in my heart with Christ? Is this ok? Or am I just paranoid about only giving Jesus the devotion due to my protestant background? I hope there is someone who has gone through this like I am. I do know this though, I keep coming back to her for more. Thanks and pray for my conversion.


True devotion to Mary is good and spiritually safe. You may be more comfortable saying things to her such as, “Mary, I love you. Lead me to your Son.” “Mary, help me to love Jesus the way you do.” “Mary, ask the Holy Spirit, your divine Spouse, to dwell in me.” “Mary, you were the first and most perfect disciple of Jesus. Pray to Him for me that I may follow Him more perfectly.”

As an example, one prayer asked Mary to reign in my heart with Christ? Is this ok?

Yes, certainly. Mary’s will is always perfectly conformed to Christ’s. There is never any conflict between them. So asking her to reign in your heart is ultimately allowing Christ to reign in your heart; Mary has perfect humility and always subordinates herself to God.


Remember Mary is Jesus’ mother, and Jesus, being true man and the perfect man, obeyed perfectly all of the commandments, including ‘honour thy father and mother’ :yup: and still does!!!

There’s nothing we can do, short of actually believing Mary is divine or God, that would honour her more than He honoured her by choosing her to be His mother, after all.


When praying, try to “live” the prayer, this is, try to feel each sentence and each word as if you where willing to take part in Jesus and Mary live´s.
You have to pray to the Holy-spirit and ask for the enlightment needed to undestand those feelings, because the devil can also provoque this kind of sensations to make you doubtful.
Concerning your protestant background, I don´t think could be a problem, in fact I think is an advantage because Jesus certainly happy for those who try to find the right answers.
At last, I think that you don´t have to worry, if you are persistent in your prayer you will be rewarded.


Check out the audio from the Behold Your Mother conference


Thank you everyone for your replies. I have read them over and over as they give me comfort. Thanks again and thanks be to God.


its simple…pray to her and talk to her as much as you want as long as you are asking her to pray and intercede for you…(she doesn’t grant the favours…god does…she asks god for them for us)…

you can love her as much as you want as long as you don’t love her like you love god…or more than you love god…
just love her like a mother…that is what she is to mankind…if you love her and treat her like your mother (and use that as your guideline) then you can’t go wrong



I have the same reservations when it comes to Mary even though I do not come from a Protestant background.

I love the Blessed Mother and I often pray the Rosary. However, I think that some Catholics and even some Saints have venerated her a bit too much. This probably sounds strange and I hate feeling this way.

For example, St Maximilian Kolbe is a great man and I’m seriously considering making him my Confirmation Saint but his marian devotion seems a bit too extreme. When I read about his life, he seems to give more honour to Mary than he does to Jesus. He even advises people to consecrate themselves to Mary. I greatly admire this man but this is the only reservation that I have about him.

I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of anyone who has a particular devotion to Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Could anyone please send me a private message concerning this as I don’t want to hijack this thread.


It’s rather like saying “how much can I love my wife and show devotion to her, without detracting from God?”

Love for others, including saints, and the mother of the Lord, never detracts from the love of God, but rather derives from it.


The formal name of the “Consecration to Mary” is “The Consecration to Jesus through the Hands of Mary”–does that make you feel better?


My opinion has always been that “intention” is everything. The words and thoughts one uses make little difference as long as the intention is only to reverence and honor Mary and not to worship her.


Hi “diggnitty” :wave: When I think of our Blessed Mother, I sometimes think of the little things I would do for my own human mother. Like… bringing her flowers. Or singing songs to her. Or just having a heart to heart chat with her. People do these things with their own, earthly mothers. So, why not with Mary! :wink:

These are also the best ways to have a close relationship with Our Lady. She considers us her children… and loves us, as such. So… maybe this will help with your question. It certainly isn’t “worship” to love our Blessed Mother, simply… as her child. God love you.

(P.S. The way you spelled your “ID”, very clever! :D)


If you call Her your Savior and not Jesus being your Savior then you commit idolatry.

You can give Her as much honor as you possibly could and the end result is to glorify Her Son.

… and about “one prayer asked Mary to reign in my heart with Christ” - that is perfectly fine. If your heart is filled with Her love from Her own heart, then what can be more perfect? Her heart is only filled with Love for God.


You should NOT be devoted to Mary AT ALL, period. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, not Mary.

Mary was a sinner like the rest of us.

Luke 1:46 And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord,

Luk 1:47 And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.

If she wasn’t a sinner she wouldn’t have needed a Saviour. Think about it. Worship God only. Do NOT pray to Mary. Mary is dead and cannot hear you. Talking to dead people is necromancy and forbidden by the Bible (this goes for saints too).


Welcome to CAF, Alexandra.

It is true that Catholcis believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If your parents, with God’s grace, can help you know more about Jesus, Jesus’ Mother, who is full of grace, can do much more.

Does your soul really manify the Lord as much as Virgin Mary? Could you say that?

Sure, She needed a Savior but does it ever occur to you that God can do anything and that include saving Mary before she even committed a sin?

Do you remember that God is God of the living not of the dead?

Did you also the rules of this “spirituality” forum? :slight_smile:


The question is not “how much” but “what kind” of devotion to give to Mary.

Mary is the first and best Christian, and deserves our praise for that. She is also the pre-eminent Intercessor of prayer - remember the wedding at Cana? She will always say to you, “Do whatever He tells you to do” - after paving the way for you with her prayers to Jesus on your behalf. :slight_smile:

So, praise her and ask her to intercede for you, just as much as you want to. But don’t worship her as God - that would be inappropriate, and she herself would deflect it - she wouldn’t want it. But we are free to love her as a spiritual mother, as much as we want to, since there is no way we could ever love her more than her Son - it is not physically possible. :slight_smile:


We ought to obey God rather than man. Acts 5:29 (KJV)

If you want the truth, you look up the King James Bible. Not the Catechism. Not “what sayeth Rome.”

What do you think of people being burned at the stake for denying that the piece of bread becomes Christ?

The answer to the initial post: You don’t give ANY devotion to Mary. None. To call Mary “queen of heaven” is to make her into a deity. Why do you Catholics want to make Jesus into a mama’s boy?


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If you want to have a debate, please take it to the Apologetics section, or else to the Christian non-Catholic section.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


You should have devotion to Mary BUT when she becomes the centerpiece of your Catholicism then devotion to her has gone too far. I remember looking at a post on this forum that featured pictures of someone’s garden. It had statues of Mary and other saints but not Jesus! What gives? That person is giving more homage to Mary and the saints than to Christ! He was nowhere to be found. One must remember that devotion to Mary is meant to bring us closer to Jesus. She merely points the way to her divine Son. Remember that. When a person makes Mary an end instead of a means to an end which is God, you have idolatry. There are a lot of Catholics who are guilty of this.


You are correct that Mary is meant to bring us closer to Jesus, but having a garden with her statue does not mean to give more homage to Mary and the saints than to Jesus. What is wrong with that?

How many pictures of one’s loved ones in the house compared to Jesus’ pictures? Does this mean that person commits idolatry or have the love for the family members above God? No.

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