How much did you/will you spend


on your wedding and honeymoon?


We tried to be savvy and have a big wedding at the same time…
We both have LOTS of family in town and both grew up here… so we had close to 250 people in attendance!
Our total wedding was around $8000… honeymoon, I’m not sure… DH planned it as a surprise… but I’d guess in the range of $1000…


Less than $2000. Could not IMAGINE spending $15,000!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:


We spent about $3000 MAX and that includes the cost of moving all of my possessions 3 states. Bought my wedding dress on ebay for less than $100 (brand NEW).
I have friends that spent 15,000+ just on the wedding another 15,000+ on the reception etc.
I personally believe I had a better time and a better wedding on my $3,000 :smiley: IMHO


Well, I had to start somewhere LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:
And I combined the wedding and honeymoon, so that pushes it up I know.

I know there are cool stories about how people saved money or got great deals, so whatever, and it’s always fun to hear about it.
(I’m home recovering from back surgery, so perhaps I’ve watched too much Wedding T!! Better than Court T V I think!)

Anyway, weddings are so happy and beautiful, I just love to hear about them. I seriously contemplated being a Wedding Planner, but I don’t think I would want to be THAT detail oriented…



Spent around $10,000 on a 65 person wedding (this includes EVERYTHING - dress, gifts for bridesmaids, caterers, pre cana course, organist etc…)

Spent another $10,000 on the honeymoon :smiley: Was DH’s plan, not mine! We went to several European countries and rented cars and stayed in hotels for two weeks. Glad we did it cos I don’t see any travel plans in the near future!


Somewhere between 4K and 5K in 1999 dollars.

I cannot believe that some people spend in the 20K-30K range personally. Most of that would make a heck of a downpayment on a house…which is where a lot of the marriage will be spent;) (and that’s the gift that would keep on giving)…


Sina, I think that’s true for a lot of couples. Maybe that’s my next poll - Have you taken any trips as a couple that cost as much as your honeymoon!? Hmmmm?!

I love hearing these stories, wow, those Ebay gowns! I’d be so scared to take that risk, but it’s so cool that it worked out for some of us.:thumbsup:


We spent about $20,000 in 2003 for the wedding (with about 125 guests) and honeymoon together. Although, WE didn’t pay for all of it, our parents helped…:stuck_out_tongue:


haha. DH was much more interested in planning the honeymoon than the wedding itself! I figure if you can afford it, do it. It’s ok to go camping too though!


BTW I LOVE all the great tickers you folks have!!! I want one, but can’t decide what I want to count! LOL:p


We spent about $12,000 on the wedding (for ~200 guests). We spent $2,000 on the honeymoon in Jamaica :). Worth every penny! :smiley:


Spent about $16,000 on the wedding…but that included all the clothes for the attendents (5 bridesmaids, 1 flowergirl, 2 ringbearers, 2 groomsmen), tux for DH, dress for me (got on Ebay, but spent a lot getting it altered), flowers, photographer, musician, bartenders, caterers, rentals (tent, tables, chairs, linens), church, gifts, invitations, limo…about 300 guests. :slight_smile: Oh, and rings and programs too… I wonder what else I forgot? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yeah, the cake and favors…

Spent about $5000 on the honeymoon…but that was over 2 weeks long and included a couple nights at a neighboring bed and breakfast and then the rest of the time in Paris, Venice and Rome. :smiley: My DH spoiled me with that trip…:shrug: :love:


Our wedding was definitely under $10K (2003 dollars), although I don’t know the total as my parents paid for much of it. The reception for 150 people was probably $5000. I know the cake was about $600 of that, although it was totally worth it IMO. I think my dress was probably $1000 after alterations. :eek:

Our honeymoon was probably about $2000 (incl. flights and extras). We spent a week on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. :thumbsup:


Hehe…that’s what we did. At my wife’s insistance…for a whole week we made the reservations…she had visions of campfires and alone time.

Then on the drive there, the deluge began. Rain so thick it was hard to drive through. After three days of solid rain, we got a hotel room…and it still rained all week.


I love the tickers, too, so I decided to countdown to my vacation – an Eastern Seaboard cruise. Going whale watching:D


That’s a good one Nanny _ PK…

I definitely have to find something to count!!! I think I’ll wait until I find out when I might “swim the Tiber” maybe :slight_smile: That’s an important one!!!

Right now, no vacations in MY immediate future - too much time from work recovering from the surgery. SOunds like fun tho!


I had back surgery when I was fifteen for scoliosis…no fun! :frowning: How are you feeling?


oh that’s too bad…but I still imagine you had fun!!!:wink:


My surgery was for lumbar stenosis. It was minimally invasive, but pretty painful. I was very sick after and had to be admitted, but I’m getting better every day, thanks for asking. It’s hard to be away from work and sitting around!!! But it’s giving me time to look into RCIA and such!

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