How much did you/will you spend


Glad you’re feeling better! :slight_smile: I wish I’d had CAF back then! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was pretty upset to be away from the church during Holy Week, but I was an emergency case so…
It felt great to go back to worship!!! Even tho I sat in the back and took a pain med it was so wonderful to be there.

I have Meniere’s disease, so I have balance issues, and I reacted to the stuff they put me under with, so yes, it’s been a challenge.
But upward and onward!:cool:


We spent about $6,000 on our entire wedding day - Mass, reception, and all that goes with it. We did not take a honeymoon - we were just happy to be together (after being 3,000 miles apart for our entire engagement) and didn’t need to “get away”. We went to England the following year for our first anniversary.

I didn’t vote because there really isn’t an option for what we spent.



Maybe I should have started with “Up to 10,000”. Looks like it!!!
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The cost of my wedding almost 33 years ago was around $!,000.00-$1,200.00. We had a buffet-style reception with about 80 people. No DJ (none of those back then;) ) and no band because we could not afford one. We didn’t go on a honeymoon. We received about $500.00 in monetary gifts, which we turned around & bought brand new bedroom furniture. DD was married 2 years ago & we spent about $10,500.00 on her wedding. There were about 125 guests at the reception, which was at the beach. DJ was a gift from my Nephew & Wife (they are DJ’s as a second profession). We had a wonderful time! They went on a Carribean Cruise for their honeymoon, a gift from her in-laws.:slight_smile:


We spent about $3500 in 1990, and paid for it ourselves. It was simple and frugal without being “cheap.” I have been to weddings where the florist’s bill alone was more than that! Paying for things yourselves makes you think twice about the more extravagant stuff, esp. if you have to go into debt to pay for it.


Im presuming thats in dollars? If so I think that the exchange rate is roughly $40000 for a £20000 wedding (not including the honeymoon) - We will be marrying at St Peters in Rome (hopefully) and we are flying family and friends (about 60) from the UK to Rome - It is specified in the pack for a vatican wedding that they like as many friends and family to participate in the event- and putting them up for a fortnight in an apartment complex, when you include that plus the reception, dress, church costs etc we are looking at £20k as a minimum. But hey its a special kind of wedding!!!


We didn’t have time to go on a honeymoon (DH was in the military) and my MIL made my dress (fabric $35) and my cake and my aunt decorated the cake as a wedding present. Total cost of my wedding: less than $1000 for 150 invited guests. It was an evening wedding with only finger foods and a dance for the reception. The party went on until dawn, I hear everyone had a blast.


My guess is the first option, under 15k. My mom paid for the wedding (around 200 people I think, lol I can’t remember), never told me how much it cost. DH paid for the HM (a nice cruise), never told me how much it cost.


I have to say that when DD got married in '06 I was very happy when they said they wanted to pay the whole shot themselves without help from either set of parents. Not surprising though, considering we’d given them their university degrees and set them off in life debt-free. That had allowed them to save up enough money to pay for their wedding, put a down payment on a house and honeymoon in Paris. We gave them major appliances for their wedding present.


$5000 for the wedding. We didn’t have a honeymoon. I thought we were being really economical, w/ some of the prices I’ve heard about. For 5K we got the dresses (mine, my dd-she was 13 at the time and “gave me away”- and the flower girls), tuxes (dh, best woman, and ring bearer) flowers, photographer, reception w/ buffet and open bar, and dj. My (now) ILs paid for the rehearsal dinner (dh and I paid for everything else-we were older-30 and 33-and had lived on our own, separately, for many years). Some of you got me beat though, rock on! :bowdown2:

In Christ,



No idea, but I’m not going to skimp. And I won’t delay anything because of not enough money for a big party either.


I voted less than $15,000, and I mean A LOT less. I was thinking less than $5,000, if we can arrange it.

My boyfriend and I are both debt-free. We both paid for our own educations, and we’re both careful with money. Neither of our families would be willing or able to cough up even $1000 for our wedding, so we’ll certainly be paying for the whole thing ourselves. Besides, we’re in our late twenties, so it’s a little unreasonable to expect our parents to chip in when we’ve each been on our own for ten years.

Our tentative plan (subject to visa and immigration issues) is to have a three-part wedding in our three countries of residence. We’d start with an engagement reception in Korea, at the bar where we first met - it’s got room for 200, and we’d probably invite about 30 or 40 friends, and spend around $600 for everyone.

Then we’d have the wedding in the Philippines at my boyfriend’s home Church. The mass can’t possibly be too expensive in pesos, and my boyfriend’s family and friends would be able to celebrate our marriage with us. Then we’d honeymoon immediately afterward somewhere in the Philippines. Total cost - somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1500 to $2000, including the plane tickets.

Then we’d go back to Canada and have a reception at my parents’ lodge, and ask for my family and friends’ support and blessing for our marriage. My parents own a 15-bedroom tourist lodge which means we can save on the cost of a hotel and have the reception there. Total cost - $2000 to $3000, including the plane tickets.

The only thing I’d consider splurging on is a photographer. For everything else, I don’t think the extra expenditure would be worth it. (Because, you know, three ceremonies in three countries wouldn’t be splurging, or anything! :rolleyes:)


Our wedding and reception budget was $5K, but the site we chose (a museum) only allowed in-house caterers. A friend of our families was going to cater for free, instead we tacked $8K onto the bill immediately.

The Cathedral was $1600
The museum was $2500
The choir was $750
The DJ was a gift

The cake was a gift
The photography was a gift

I spent probably $1K on the bridal party’s clothing. (I bought everything for everyone from family to bridesmaids/flowergirls and tux rentals). But, I resold just about everything on eBay and made back more what I spent.

The honeymoon was $3K because in the beginning we were going with a free vacation package, but at the last minute they changed their blackout dates (we got married over Thanksgiving) :mad: so we bought a week in Mexico at an all-inclusive a month before going. Very expensive. I was looking at the same resort plus air for a week on for our anniversary. It would be $450 a person. Buying early really helps! :eek:

Gifts from the wedding guests and out of town relatives paid for half of all the costs. :thumbsup:

In the end, it wasn’t as cheap as I was trying to keep it, but we had the loveliest wedding, no regrets, it was simply beautiful.


I will probably either still be a college student or be just out of college and when I get married. Either way, my intended will be a college student. And as far as I know we’ll be paying for it ourselves…

I know I’ll be wearing my mom’s wedding dress, so no need to buy one! :smiley: It’ll probably be a really small wedding, just immediate/close family and good friends. I’m hoping to have it at our church, which is very small so the cost should be cheap. I’ll probably have a friend do flowers, because she loves doing things like that.

But who knows what’ll actually end up happening, I’ve got at least two years to wait…LOL! Either way it will be a LOT less than $15,000, probably as cheap as we can manage without getting married with two witnesses and no reception :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow how did you arrange to get married there?


I voted up to 15,000. Our original budget was within the 8-10,000 range, but I frankly have long lost count all the little things like goodie bags for the kids, gifts, learning Creighton :o etc in addition to the biggies like photog and reception. We are not doing anything fancy for the honeymoon, spending 4 days in Ottawa seeing museums and hiking, biking, canoeing.

Originally I had planned for things a bit more cheaply but I figured we’re only doing it once, I don’t want to look back and have regrets (I don’t mean the groom!).

I only have 53 days left :crying: I am going to miss wedding planning!


$250. We didn’t take a honeymoon, we bought a house.

I can’t see spending any more than that as a sane decision.


I respect the frugal folks, but I also think part of being Catholic is knowing how to throw a good party. :thumbsup: Even with trying to be cost-conscious, we ended up with an expensive wedding. I don’t regret it at all. It was beautiful and reflected my husband and to a tee.

The ceremony was our first priority. Just to have 4 choristers and the organist was over $1000. Then stipends for 3 concelebrants and flowers for 3 altars (Mary, Joseph, high altar) added another $500+. Programs I designed and printed were another $200. It added up fast. It was a gorgeous liturgy, though, and even our protestant family and friends were moved.

It was a great blessing from our families to be able to do it, and I hope to give that gift to my kids as well.


Our wedding was close to 10K, in 2001, I am not really sure, my parents paid for most of it. We also had close to 650 people :smiley: , so it was hard to keep costs down. I have a HUGE family :smiley: . Most of the cost was in Food, and the photographer. My dress was about 1,000 after alterations. I think I kept the cost down more them my mom would have. I remember a LONG conversation about how I did NOT want doves released as we left the church “No really mom I don’t want the Doves!” “Why, Why, because they are BIRDS!” “Yes I am sure NO BIRDS!” :shrug: (I was worried for awhile that the birds would be there anyway, :eek: but they weren’t! I think my Dad was on my side on that one.:thumbsup: )

The Honeymoon, was around 1,000.

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