How much do Priests get paid?


My priest has an Iphone, it may have been a gift, but the maintenance charges/rates are high to make full use of its functionality, wifi etc.


In the United States, around $30,000.


Diocesan priests do not make a promise of poverty, only of celibacy and obedience to his bishop. Diocesan Priests are encouraged to live a simple lifestyle (nothing overtly “flashy”).

I believe a cell phone is fairly “standard” for most Americans today so I don’t see a priest having one as something unusual.


Given the availability Priests maintain, this could well be a parish expense. We have one priest in a very large parish. It is amazing how quickly he responds to voicemail or texts by iPhone. He can even be followed on things like twitter for some events.


My friend, millions of people have gotten multiple free smartphones through the “Obamaphone” program. Didn’t you know that? You are paying for it.

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In answer to your question, religious order priests are paid very little or nothing besides free room and board. Diocesan priests typically are paid 25-35,000. It varies by diocese.


Priests could make much more money if they were the laity, so lets not grudge them some luxuries.


I was secretary/bookkeeper in my parish. As such, the masses said by each priest during the month were allotted a stipend from the offerings paid by those who requested the Mass intention. I wrote a check monthly for each of those Masses that he satisfied. In addition, all of their ordinary needs were met as part of rectory expense (food, auto, telephone, etc.) The monthly salary was very meager. I believe each diocese sets the amount.


Our parish priest would consider himself wealthy to receive that sum of money. I am ashamed to type that, our parish accounts year on year, show that our priest had less to live on than someone receiving unemployment benefit. We seem to expect that our (and God’s) servant to attend to our needs constantly, yet we barely give him enough to survive on. I reckon our finances would slowly move closer to the black if each of us who could, gave the cost of a movie seat each week. But as our priest said, there are people who are blessed with good finances, but not with giving.

PS. Yes, I am the sad person who reads the finances, checks the attendance record and calculates the average donation per head and per likely working head. It helps me re-evaluate my own giving to try to avoid falling in a thoughtless rut.


And, to be honest, I would not consider a smartphone to be a luxury for someone who has a full calendar of meetings, a large group of contacts, and needs to be reachable in case of emergency, but either call or text

Priests certainly fit into that category.

Thus I would consider a priest with a smartphone to be a wise caretaker of their funds.


Thoroughly debunked conservative garbage. Save it for FOX Nation.

As for the original question: how much are priests paid? Not enough. :smiley:

Seriously, my former pastor, who I knew very well personally, was one of the busiest people I have ever met and was responsible for a large parish (7,000+) virtually by himself. We had no other permanent priest, although on occasion others would help. There were, of course, other staff including myself; however, there are many things that only the priest can do.


Where i am our local priests are on a tiny income. But, having said that, a few, like to have the latest gadgets and new cars etc etc! For me, when i think of a humble servant of God i always think of St Padre Pio.


As someone new to Catholicism, it has been amazing to see just a tiny part of what our priest does (always willingly, and with a big smile on his face). He’s also an only priest in a busy parish, and I know he suffers from severe neck and back pain - yet to see how he rushes around, cycling through the town, never too busy to fit someone in - he’s a great example.

Yesterday, when he was lying prostrate on the hard stone, I thought how much pain he must have been in. Similarly, later in the service he supported the large, heavy crucifix whilst people came up to kiss it - it took about half an hour for everyone to file past and he had his arms outstretched for most of that time.

Certainly it shows what the word “vocation” really means in practice. I admire him and others who give so much for very little material recompense.


Thank you so much for your empathy. Yes, most of our priests suffer many things silently - our future saints.



I’m an unemployed student, and I have an iPhone. They’re not that expensive.

Anyway, our priest has an iPhone and an iPad. He uses them both for his priestly duties. He has umpteen theological books on his iPad, as well as various breviary and roman ritual apps he uses as well. Not to mention he has easy access to his email, calendar, etc without having to be at his office, which is good because he’s always on the go.

Also, one thing that should be remembered, when priests file income tax, they can deduct most of their expenses such as cell phones, computers, cars, etc. They also aren’t usually paying their housing costs either.


Thanks!! :thumbsup::smiley:


Nope, not debunked at all. It is a fact that millions have received smartphones from the government program. I work in social services and see them every day. Even the US government admits that at least 270,000 people received multiple free phones.

Why would you even want to deny this?


Yes, that’ true. But it’s not an “Obamaphone.” The program began in 1984, so it’s a “Reagen phone,” if it’s anything. And it’s not paid for by taxpayers but by fees levied against telecom companies, which may or may not pass these fees onto its users.

It gets very old to see so many threads turn into slams, mostly untrue, against the President, even when they have nothing to do with him. And doubly repugnant when they’re promulgated by posters who profess to be practicing Catholics and quick to point out and deplore the sins of others.


Yes, I agree. I’m a republican and would never vote for Obama and I couldn’t agree more. He gets blamed for everything from one side and praised for everything from the other. It is getting old. He’s not responsible for everything–good, bad, or anything else.


I know monks that have iPhones. They don’t get paid.

It’s a tool.


That’s so very little…can they survive paying rent, food, transportation, etc on that?


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